Visiting Waikiki on a budget is easy

We all know that Hawaii can be expensive, hell I needed to start working again after my visit there. But that’s not to say it can’t be done cheap, which is why I want to show you how to do Waikiki on a budget.

Waikiki, it’s the most common place to stay in Hawaii, so that does leave cheaper options for us not so glamorous travels to do Waikiki on a budget.

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First up the best way you are going to save money is on your accommodation. Which to to get cheaper accommodation in Waikiki, you need to do your research. Staying in hotels can be cheap if you find some decent deals, or if you are much like myself and don’t like hotels, get yourself into a hostel. It’s by far the cheapest option and will save you loads when you try to do Waikiki on a budget.

Or of coarse there is the free option of Couchsurfing, which you can check out here. But that could be a little difficult depending on your situation.

The next best thing you can pocket your money when doing Waikiki on a budget is from your food. That’s right, and although you are either travelling or on holiday, don’t eat out at fancy restaurants every night, that’s a standard for us budget travellers. You should also try limiting all your eating out to a minimum too. Sure it might be a little harder, but it will prolong your stay and adventures.

And looking on the bright side, it’s still very possible to do Waikiki on a budget and still eat well. There are supermarkets all around Waikiki where you can buy your own food to cook, either in your BNB air apartment or the hostel. And yes I said it before because I understand this may be a holiday for you, but that money you save can be put towards more fun adventures in Oahu (video here).

Waikiki on a budget

Evening sunsets with these two lads, good times

What else are you going to save money on when getting around Waikiki on a budget . . . oh that’s right, transportation. Take note on this, taxi’s are a joke there, you seriously may as well walk or catch a bus. Transport will be a little on the expensive side and that is kind of inevitable, so eliminating this will help you to do Waikiki on a budget so much easier.

The goal here is not to go away to Hawaii and have a boring time, I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone! The goal here is to go to Hawaii and spend more of your money and time on fun adventures rather than burning it on food, and accommodation which is not what you will remember most about your trip to Hawaii anyways.

So my advice, keep it simple, there is no need for fancy when you have fun. Suck it up, keep the pennies in the pocket and go adventuring as much as you can!




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