10 things backpackers hate

It’s no underestimate that backpackers are living the dream, but with that being said, there are some things backpackers hate.

Even though travelling the world is easily one of the most amazing experiences you could have in your life. Unfortunately like everything, it has it’s pros and cons too among the select few things backpackers hate, which are listed below;


If you are going to tell me where you have been and what you have done without me even asking, piss off! Honestly though, no body likes a bragger and you must have known this from an early age when your mum and mates had shots at you to stop showing off or bragging. No one wants to hear how amazing your life is, and if they do, trust me they will ask. So shut your big fat gob about being to over 40 countries, every continent, running with the bulls in Spain and hiking the Himalayas in Nepal.

things backpackers hate

Language discrimination

You are trying your hardest to learn a bit of the language and you spit out a few quivering words in French, Italian or Spanish and the locals just stare at you as though you just crashed your alien space ship right into the Eiffel tower. Cut us some slack, we are trying our hardest, so please don’t just treat us like morons because we want to become apart of the culture and fit in.


Ahhh yess, those people. The ones who pretend like they can’t afford to eat, sleep in a bed or even shower. Now there is a BIG difference between being a budget traveller and being stingy. People who travel on a budget like myself know that it cost for food, water, accommodation, adventure and transport. So set your money aside so you can afford all that, or stay at home! Don’t be the stingy ass bum traveller who asks to jump in a cab or a shout (drinking round) or a group activity with other backpackers who are in the same boat as you and then walk away without coughing up any cash. That’s just rude and insulting.

Getting sick

There is nothing worse than finally getting to your dream destination, the one that has been on you backpackers bucket list for years and all of a sudden you get a stomach bug, food poisoning, a flu or even worse, unfortunately become injured. This is probably by far one worst things backpackers hate. Being in paradise and living a nightmare, there is not much you can do other than to eat healthy, drink clean water and stay physically fit to prepare yourself from the little nasties of infection.

Best friends for 1 day

If you are a true blue backpacker, you know what this means as soon as you read the heading. Bumping into people in which you are so alike and become best buddies all in the space of a few hours until it is time for either them or yourself to catch the next, plane, train, bus or tuk-tuk out of there to keep backpacking as much as possible.

You never know, that person could of been your next best friend forever (BFF), your next travel buddy or even soul mate, and that is a tough thing to do as a backpacker, leave people behind. Though one great thing you do have is Facebook to keep in contact, but even still it will never be the same, which brings us to the next thing backpackers hate.

Saying goodbye

Of the toughest of all is saying goodbye to the people and families you have become ever so close with on the road. People in which you have shared so many amazing experiences with, ones that most people couldn’t ever fathom. People who you share a special bond with and people whom you may never see again. That right there is why saying goodbye to travel buddies is so much harder than saying goodbye to family sometimes, as after all, more than often you will see your family again but as for your travel buddies, you may never know.

things backpackers hate

Small talk & repetitiveness

You have told your story a million and one times, the last thing you want to do is to get somewhere after a 48 hour transit to tell the exact same story to another 1 day friend. Instead backpackers would rather talk about what is fun to do and to see close to where you are. Then as you get to know those people, let each others life story unravel as you go along. Because in the end talking small talk about nothing every single day can get awfully boring and as amazing as your story may be, it can become a chore having to blurt it out each place you visit.

Buss, train, plane and flight alterations

How could I forget this one when it is bound to happen to you eventually if you are a long-term traveller. It can be frustrating getting up before sunrise, taking the early cab to the bus station or the airport all to realise your flight, train or buss has been delayed. Often it is best to be early and ahead of schedule as to not miss your flight, train or bus. Although there is nothing you can do when either of those are cancelled, changed or delayed. One of my pet hates, but all you can do is cop it on the chin and not waste your energy becoming angry or frustrated when you know it is out of your hands.

things backpackers hate

The whingers and whiners

We all know these types of travellers, the backpackers who arrive somewhere and expect the place to be something different or complain they can’t do something there way. Just fricken do it anyway! You are here to make the most of it, so don’t complain about the place for what it does or doesn’t have. If you are going to do that, you may as well stay home and leave the backpacking to people who actually love it.


This is prominent in solo backpackers, and although you make a whole heap of buddies where ever you go. That too can begin to be draining, especially knowing you will make friends, say goodbye, rinse and repeat every single place you go.

Even when it comes to long-term travel for either 6 months or more, you share incredible moments with people, however those moments will never be reminisced again after you inevitably have to move on to the next place. Which helps you soon come to the conclusion that since you have no solid partner in crime by your side, you are actually alone as those 1 day BFF friendships and feelings soon ware off.

So as you can see, no matter how utterly awesome travelling can be there are those things backpackers hate. But with that, if travelling is your true passion, these are just small hurdles that over time will seemingly become meaningless.


Do you know of some things backpackers hate since you have been travelling around the globe, what is one of your pet hates that I didn’t mention?





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