8 best breathtaking gold coast beaches

That’s how this magical place got its name, it’s what this actual place is famous for. Incredibly breathtaking Gold Coast beaches that are a must see when visiting the East Coast of Australia.


Although when you do visit, be sure to allow yourself adequate time to check out at least 3-6 of these breathtaking Gold Coast beaches, as there are not many places in the world like it.


Luckily for me I was fortunate enough to grow up in this neck of the woods and I want to throw my hand out to you and show you which truly are the best breathtaking Gold Coast beaches for when you choose to visit this amazing part of the world.


  1. Burleigh Heads – Always number one for me and that is not because I grew up calling the Burleigh Headland home, but because it boasts a spectacular view over the North of the Gold Coast, where you can see the ever popular Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise and even up to South Stradbroke Island on a clear day.

    breathtaking gold coast beaches

    Beautiful Burleigh Headland overlooks the Gold Coast

  2. Rainbow Bay – Not only is Rainbow Bay one of the most breathtaking Gold Coast beaches but it is popular because of its family appeal. Located in Coolangatta, it’s very close to accommodation and shops with lots of sand and stunning views. A must visit for all families.
  3. Greenmount Beach – Here you can climb up to the top of Greenmount Headland and look over nearly all of the Gold Coast. A view not to be missed and it is just below Rainbow Bay, some of these beaches down the south end of the Gold Coast can be visited in just one day.
  4. North Burleigh – The opposite end to Burleigh Heads is North Burleigh, with the North Burleigh Surf Club which overlooks the beach. Here you can climb up the North Burleigh Hill Headland to look south over all of Burleigh and looking north you have more breathtaking Gold Coast beaches, stretching up to Surfers Paradise, a really great view.

    breathtaking gold coast beaches

    Up on North Burleigh Headland looking north towards Surfers Paradise

  5. Snapper Rocks – Snapper Rocks is a popular surf beach where the Quicksliver Pro is held at the end of February and into March every year. This beach always holds amazing surf, but also boasts a stunning backdrop of the Gold Coast.
  6. Duranbah/Point Danger – You can either walk up Point Danger, which is way up high and overlooks another very famous surf beach, being Duranbah. Up on the viewing platform you can look out south over the ocean and into New South Wales, well actually Duranbah is in NSW. Up on Point Danger there are also a few cafes you may choose to have a bite at.

    breathtaking gold coast beaches

    Surfer out at Currumbin Alley

  7. Currumbin Alley – Currumbin Alley is another of the breathtaking Gold Coast Beaches for its cool rock formation jutting out to sea and the views you can see looking up north over the Gold Coast. Also a fun and family friendly beach with lots of sand and safe water to swim in.
  8. Kirra beach – Once one of the most famous surf beaches of all the Gold Coast, whereas today Kirra lacks it’s once famous iconic wave break due the government allowing the beach to be used for sand dumping for the sand pumped from adjoining river mouths. However, Kirra still boasts spectacular views of the Gold Coast and it is still an amazing beach to visit.

I must say, growing up on the Gold Coast I have been blessed with easily some of the best beaches in the world. I often hear Burleigh referred to as one of the best surf breaks in the world. Upon your visit, please dedicate some of your time during your stay to really appreciate what an amazing part of the world this is.


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