Should I Backpack South America or Australia?

I have a dilemma on whether I should backpack South America or Australia first?

And like most, I have a humongous bucket list to get through before I die, it’s ever increasing so much so, that I am quite sure I won’t get it all done. But I think that is a good thing, because you always want to have goals right.

Although in saying that, which goals do you go for first?

Which is why I am calling for you’re help. A little guidance or you’re expertise I could say, in the aid that can possibly help me to choose whether to backpack South America or Australia first?

backpack South America or Australia

Doctor rocks in Tasmania, Australia

Each time I get in a Google and Youtube wormhole I become stuck deciding on whether to backpack South America or Australia and which one should follow the other.

When I get my thought process going on South America, it seems as though I should head there first, with the vast range of countries, cultures and sights to be seen. Also along with the amount of fun adventures I will experience.

They have world class surfing, snowboarding and diving over there. They too have the best hikes and mountain ranges in the world to explore. Adventure is aplenty on that continent and it seems as though I should keep leaning towards South America first.

But in saying that I know Australia has all that too. It has many amazing hikes, diving, the best surf in the world and basically everything I love. I have even started questioning which place is more photogenic, as I love to travel and be a little bit of a part time photographer capturing as many special places in the world as I can.

It’s a tough debate between the two where I could quite easily pack my backpack and head to South America for a year or so. However on the other hand what is stopping me from buying a van, decking it out and road trip around Australia . . .

The major difference between the two is money and how much it costs. Australia is by far much more expensive and my money wouldn’t last nearly as long. But again, I too wouldn’t need as much time to cover all of Australia as apposed to backpacking all of South America.

backpack South America or Australia

So many amazing places to see here, where should I go and where to start . . .

So for now, I am going to keep building my brand, my business, save up what I can and look forward to my 1 month road trip around New Zealand early in February and the other up coming trips I can do from the mother land. To which hopefully by then I have talked to enough people, soaked up some words of wisdom and some advice from as many people as possible and will make an educated decision on to backpack South America or Australia first.

So here is my cry for help, I am asking you. All you backpackers, adventure seekers, campers, hikers, road trippers and travel bums much like myself. Which would you choose to do, backpack South America or Australia first and why?


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