My 2015 backpackers bucket list

As 2015 rolls around I have some big sights set for the year with even bigger goals amongst my backpackers bucket list. These goals are all based around travel and allowing myself to be away more frequently if not full time.

I know right, how exciting!


Somewhere amazing in Argentina, South America

Which is exactly why I am rolling on into 2015 with enthusiasm knowing that I have a lot on my plate, but also knowing that by achieving those goals, I put myself in a better position to live a life that was once only a dream.

I realize not everyone has goals, but what everyone does have is a bucket list. And that is regardless of it being written down on a napkin, a post-it, on your to-do list or if it just lurking in the back of your mind waiting to be ticked off.

So first up in the year on my backpackers bucket list I am trekking down a few states in Australia to visit some family in Victoria, after which a few of us will be taking off to hike Wilson’s Prometry for an overnight hike.

Not long after I have a flight 3 weeks later over to New Zealand to embark on an adventurous road trip for just under a month. Which New Zealand has bee high on my backpackers bucket list for years and will be ever so sweat to finally tick that one off.

backpackers bucket list

New Zealand

And then, without digging too far into the piggy bank, I will return home to get cashed up via my day job and to build my online business to a level of self-management before I embark on even more adventurous journeys.

Which such journeys to tick off the backpackers bucket list will come later in the year (Approx September-October). For these I have my sights set on a much bigger trip, being South America for over a year or more. During this time my goal is to see as much as possible whilst surfing as often as I can too. The list of countries high on the list to include will be Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Brasil, Ecuador and a few in Central America to name just a few.

Although that trip being in the distant future, to save myself of insanity (travel depression) I will be taking a trip up to Cairns to stay for just under a week and either onwards to a remote surfing destination for either 3-6 weeks. This surf trip may possibly be separate to the Cairn’s adventure, although it is far too far away to elaborate on just now.

You know what it’s like as a traveller; your plans change more than you have cups of coffee and next month you could be in India. But in saying that, all these destinations and adventures I want to achieve on my backpackers bucket list have been on the list for quite some time.

So regardless of what month, week or day it may be, I will be setting out to tick a lot of them off during 2015 and I only hope you are out to do the same in ticking off your very own backpackers bucket list.




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