10 Incredible budget backpacking destinations you never heard of

There are a handful of budget backpacking destinations you could choose from to satisfy that annual wanderlust itch. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to visit the popular ones to fully enjoy yourself and get inspired.

Take Tasmania, for instance. It’s overshadowed by major Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne. But it’s actually quite the adventure pit stop for local and foreign travelers. Riddled with natural wonders, you could choose to go diving, hang gliding, mountain biking and rock climbing here. Yes, it’s not that exotic compared to the rest of the world. But if you’re looking for budget backpacking destinations that are memorable, it’s a backyard special you shouldn’t miss out on.

 budget backpacking destinations

Table Mountain in Tasmania, Australia

If you want to go farther, you could check out the Philippines and its neighboring South East Asian countries (Cambodia, Laos and Burma) as they offer remarkable attractions for very low expenditure. You could swim with whale sharks in Oslob or surf major swells at Siargao for as cheap as AU$25. It’s also possible for you to travel through Indochina with a minimum budget of AU$700. Forget Europe! Budget backpacking destinations in the largest continent in the world are way more interesting. In Cambodia, you’ll get to see the remains of Angkor Thom and Bayon while in Laos, you’d be able to conquer the cliffs of Phu Chi Fa.

 budget backpacking destinations

Backpacking in Coron, Philippines

Speaking of Asia, it’s also important that I highlight India as one of the budget backpacking destinations you should visit. Just like its surrounding nations, India is brimming with cultural, historical and natural wonders and provides reasonably priced food, boarding and entertainment options. You could list down sightseeing (Mysor Palace, Aksardam, and Amer Fort), food tasting, learning (Yoga, Ayurveda, Himalayan Art, Hindi) and having fun (trekking through the Indian Himalayas, white water rafting at Tons, paragliding over Kamshet) as part of your itinerary.

 budget backpacking destinations

The world wonder Taj Mahal in India


The Mediterranean also has a number of stunning choices when it comes to budget backpacking destinations. Malta is among them and it boasts of three UNESCO World Heritage sites (Valleta, the Megalithic Temples, and the Hypogeum) as well as a slew of annual arts and music festivals to blow your senses. Apart from that, you’ve also got Turkey, its beautiful architecture (the Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, and Chora Church) and its rustic coastal towns, which could be visited by a rented sailboat.


Though admittedly more expensive than the previous recommendations, these countries are still pocket friendly, especially if you head on out to less commercialized cities (example, Ölüdeniz) or camp out in any of its free natural attractions.


And to properly conclude your expedition, you could check out the Caribbean as it hosts plenty of budget backpacking destinations like Dominica and Saint Lucia. Though somewhat similar in heritage, aesthetics and tourist spots, you can’t go wrong with the stunning land attractions (the Boiling Lake and Titou Gorge) and water sport opportunities (scuba diving at Marigot Bay) these places present.



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