3 budget backpacking meals you should know

Why on earth would you want to know different types of budget backpacking meals?


I have always said the biggest costs when travelling are food, accommodation and transport. And it’s true, the essential necessities cost and that is simply because you need them.


So, to make things a little cheaper for you without dabbling into the un-healthy territory of food, I want to show you 5 budget backpacking meals that are simple, cheap and easy to make.


These budget backpacking meals are far from gourmet like, but they are nutritious, you see health is a huge importance to me and I eat Gluten Free (yes I have tasty and very easy to prep up, which is exactly how I like to travel. Y Coeliac Disease) and I am also, by choice, Dairy Free.


But that is beside the point, the point here is and make no mistake, I do not skimp out on health and just throw a bunch of un-healthy foods together and call that a meal. No, I stick to my healthy budget backpacking meals for a reason, because they give my body what it needs.


Anyway without blabbering on too much more about health, because I know it makes some people feel uncomfortable, let’s cut to the chase and put some simple budget backpacking meal ideas together.


Although the biggest tip I can give you before you go out purchasing ingredients, is to buy food that doesn’t go off. For example buy food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated if you don’t have a fridge. Or buy vegetables and fruits to keep only for a few days; don’t go buying a whole big bunch, only what you need for 1-3 days and you will not need to keep them cool, like in a fridge, for example.


Ok, so, onto the budget backpacking meals and what they are. The first is what I like to have for breakfast and once ate this every morning when I was in Mexico for 2 months.


Breakfast Tostada-

All you need is tostada’s (big round corn chip), peanut butter, bananas and honey for some extra sweetness. This is such a super simple breakfast; you just spread the tostada with peanut butter, cut up a banana and put that on top and then lightly squirt a little honey or organic maple syrup on top. Mmmmmm I’m getting ravenous just thinking about it. 


Lunch time treat –

For lunch I generally have either rice cakes (round rice biscuits / crackers) or corn tortillas with toppings and fillings. For these I would have a rice cake, spread some mayonnaise on top and add tuna and tomato to that and there you go. You have a healthy lunch time meal.budget backpacking meals

You can also buy Gluten and Dairy free mayonnaise in some places


The El Grande Dinner meal –

Dinner is often my biggest meal of the day, even though health experts wouldn’t suggest doing this. For Dinner I like to cook up some pasta or rice and then add to that canned salmon or tuna (preferably salmon) and then with that goes some vegetables and either a pasta or curry type sauce, depending on your taste buds.


Snacks –

I know these are not meals, but I find snacking (grazing) quite important on the road and as a backpacker it gets you through the day with much more ease when transferring from bus to taxi to plane and then trains. So I always carry some mixed nuts (trail mix works well), fruits and water or coconut water.


So, there you are, 3 very simple and easy budget backpacking meals that will not only keep the bank happy and you travelling longer, but your body will thank you for them too.


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