7 Best Gold Coast clubs and pubs

Being a local I have been on the nightlife scene for quite some time now and wanted to share with you some of the best Gold Coast clubs and pubs you should scope out upon your visit here.
Sure the beaches are out of this world amazing and the beautiful bodies that are getting around are quite spectacular too. But don’t spend all your time on the beach and instead take it to the Gold Coast clubs and pubs to meet some of the locals. Hang out with them and get to really know the hidden pockets of the Gold Coast that most visitors will never get to see.

That is what travel is all about for me, getting to know the locals, where they hang, what they do and see what they see in the ever so amazing place we call the Gold Coast.

But without further more blabbering on about the famous GC, here are 7 of the best Gold Coast clubs and pubs I recommend to you.

Surfers Beer Garden – As a local and loving to party I would always start my night off at the Beer Garden in Surfers, the drinks are a little cheaper, they have live bands that play great music and it is the perfect place to stumble out of and on to the next place right in the heart of Surfers Paradise. If you are looking for a fun way to start the night check out the Beer Garden.

Gold Coast clubs and pubs

The Beer Garden in Surfers Paradise


Nobbys Arc – A little south of the party suburbs is a fun little local bar among the Gold Coast clubs and pubs that is well worth checking out. Nobbys Arc (located at Nobbys Beach) is a place I often like to go to with friends, catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while and also rock on to the band or guitarist that often plays there. Nobbys Arc is more chilled out but a great place to start off before heading into town for a bigger night out.
Envy – If you are looking for a good night out in Broadbeach, you can always count on the Envy Hotel to provide that. It is right in the thick of it in Broadbeach and serves as a great starting point for your night out, either downstairs at the bar or upstairs, where there is the dance floor and another bar where the night can take you into a world of fun. If in Broadbeach this is often my favorite place to be for a fun night out because you can’t go wrong in Envy. Opening hours here are 10am to 3am.


Gold Coast pubs and clubs

Cooly Hotel in Coolangatta

The Cooly Hotel – One of the best Gold Coast clubs and pubs, they regularly hold events for local and special artists at least once per week. It is a small venue but if in town it is very much worth checking out TheCoolyHotel website for info on upcoming acts and what you are in store for. If there is a band or act you want to see, be sure to grab your tickets from that website to make sure lock it in and gain entry.


Elsewhere – A bit of a kooky venue that provides a place where artsy and gifted people like to party. It is a club that often showcases great DJ’s and provides fun entertainment for all types of people. Elsewhere is a club you need to go to with an open mind that will allow you to appreciate what the place has to offer.


Love – A popular nightclub in Broadbeach that supports big artists such as Jason Derulo, Lil Jon, and Connor Cruise to name a few. You will be charged an entry fee at the door however with the incredible entertainment this club provides, it is well worth it. They often showcase events such as the International Lingerie Model Search, MAXIM Australia Calendar and other popular branded parties among a few. With great music, great entertainment and drinks you are bound for a fun night at Love, I could quite easily say that without pardoning the pun, Love is one of the Gold Coast clubs and pubs I love.


Platinum – For those of you who love DJ music, load beats and loose nights, check out Platinum. They ask for a cover charge of $20 and I can assure you with its intense sound system, a long night in Platinum will have your ears ringing. This is easily the most popular nightclub in Broadbeach right after Love.

If you are after some more Gold Coast pubs and clubs don’t be fooled because there are plenty!! If you come for a visit, be sure to ask about for where is good to go and I assure you Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise is where it all happens.


If you thought this post was helpful and want to know more about the Gold Coast, grab your official Gold Coast Guide to Living Like a Local.

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