Best gold coast bites to eat

Going to a new city is always fun, even when trying out new places to eat. Although, you always get those times you just want a decent meal and don’t have to think where it is going to come from or if it will be satisfying.

Thankfully being a local here on the Gold Coast, Australia, for well over 18 years, I have worked my way around the coast to find the best of the best Gold Coast bites to eat. That being said there is more than just a handful, although with these recommendations I assure you can’t go wrong!


Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s

Hands down, this is my favorite of all the Gold Coast bites to eat. I can easily say I eat here at least 3-5 times or more per month. Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s is famous for its fish taco’s (obviously), but they also have a menu full of some awesome dishes ranging from burrito’s, burgers, taco’s, nacho’s, salad bowls and chips. Without doubt, my favorite is the Big Swell (nacho’s order) which will not disappoint!

gold coast bites

Wahoo’s, the best place to eat on the Gold Coast (in my opinion)


Not too far, literally around the corner from Wahoo’s is another awesome place for Gold Coast bites to eat. Govinda’s is a very healthy choice for a meal, and very often do you walk out of a vegetarian restaurant, super satisfied with a hearty home cooked meal leaving you feeling full. I can’t say I am a regular vegan because I do love my meat, however Govinda’s is the bomb!

gold coast bites

Mikes Kitchen

If you are a steak and ribs fan, Mikes Kitchen is one of the Gold Coast bites you have to get yourself to. Mikes kitchen also do solid meals and hands down the best ribs on the Gold Coast. It’s rare that I visit Mikes Kitchen, but it makes for a killer meal with big, and I mean BIG plates of meat. One of the cool things I like about Mikes Kitchen is you can get in and get your hands dirty without anybody caring, they even provide you with a bib to ensure you stay clean, whilst having a mean meal. Please check it out peeps, you’ll love it!

Hugo’s Burger

Here is a little hidden gem on one of the street corners in Nobby’s. It’s a place where the burgers and the milkshakes do not disappoint. One of the finest Gold Coast bites to eat at in the way of burgers. I love this place because I eat Gluten Free and find it hard for me to leave a burger joint full, even without the bread. You gotta get here for a burger guys, but remember they open late; I’m talking about 10.30/11am late.

Chang Mai Thai

A little more fancy and upper class, although this is a great Thai restaurant and easily makes it in the best of the Gold Coast bites. What’s so lovely about Chang Mai Thai is the menu, it is so big and you can order a few dishes and share them around if you are in a larger group allowing you to get a few different and delicious tastes of Thailand.

So, in conclusion, there you have it folks, a few of the best Gold Coast bites I am very sure you will enjoy. If you are a Gold Coaster and have a favorite spot, please leave it in the comments below for all of us to keep up to date with the latest and the greatest Gold Coast bites.


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