Cheapest gold coast hotels, Australia

It’s not always easy to find the cheapest Gold Coast Hotels, but who wouldn’t want to visit a place where the beaches are spectacular, the nightlife is buzzing and the restaurants and entertainment is delightful.
Which is why finding the cheapest Gold Coast hotels can prove to be slightly difficult unless you spend some time researching. Although to minimize your browsing time and optimize your holiday time, check out these crash pads for some of the cheapest Gold Coast hotels you will find. That is of coarse without being situated miles away from all the action or sharing your bed with bed bugs.

cheapest gold coast hotels

Conrad Jupiters, Gold Coast


Jupiter’s Casino – Ahh yes, the famous Jupiter’s Casino that holds entertainment, night life, pubs, bars and of coarse restaurants and gambling. Jupiter’s Casino is a popular place to stay right in the mix of it in Broadbeach, close to great shopping centers and an abundance of nightlife and golden sand beaches. This would be my hot pic for any vacation or travels to the Gold Coast, mainly for its location and class.


cheapest gold coast hotels

Mantra Legends Hotel, Gold Coast

Mantra Legends Hotel offers cheap rooms from $50 all the way up to $2000 per night and the $50 per night is one of the reasons it is on the cheap hotel hit list. The Mantra is just 100m from the beach but also right in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Very close to shopping centers it is a great location and also offers a fully equipped gym, steam room and 24 hour reception.


Vibe Hotel – Another hotel in a prime position in the heart of Surfers offering cheap rooms with world class shopping at it’s doorstep and beautiful beaches a plenty too. This hotel makes it among the cheapest Gold Coast hotels depending on the season as it can ranger from stunning rooms to smaller with large price cuts.


Greenmount Beach Resort is located right on the hill at Greenmount in Coolangatta. Not only is this one of the cheapest Gold Coast hotels, it is also on one the best Gold Coast beaches. Greenmount Beach Resort is a popular resort with many happy holiday makers returning every year to the ever so popular Coolangatta beach resort. My top pick would be here for sure if I wanted to keep clear of the party scene at the Casino.


But of all, one of the cheapest Gold Coast Hotels is right in the heart of Surfers Paradise, named the Islander Resort. This hotel is 100% Australian owned, unlike most and is incredibly close to all the action. They provide a bar and gaming lounge, outdoor café and although The Islander may be a little older than the rest, it allows you a cheaper room right in the thick of Surfers Paradise.

Gold Coast is a glamorous place to visit, but the price tag for accommodation doesn’t always have to match. Put your thinking cap on, check out what’s hot and what’s not and you will be sure to find a suitable deal, particularly if you are or are prepared to share accommodation.


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