10 ugly truths about travelling

Its not all gravy baby

Sure backpacking is the ultimate lifestyle; although with it comes a few ugly truths about travelling that most don’t want to know.

The truths about travelling that can make or break trips, or even worse, prevent them from happening in the first place.

1.Being homesick – How crap is it when all you want to do is to talk to your family, curl up in your amazingly comfy bed at home and eat hearty home food to restore your energy. And then the next day hang out with your mates, there is nothing better than that when you have been on backpacking for a long time.


  1. It’s tiring– backpacking from place to place, sight too sight, bus to bus hostel to hostel. It fucks you up. You need a break. Backpacking that rigorously full tires you out, and worse of all it prevents you from remembering what you did and saw as it all turns into one big blur when you don’t have time to unwind and take it all in.


  1. Shove the small talk up you’re a@s – Lets be honest, small talk even at home can be boring, let alone when backpacking you meet so many people each and everyday and small talk can start to make you go insane. Even to the point where you could literally just take your hand and slowly cover up your ‘new friends’ mouth to prevent your ears from such dribble. One of the ugly truths about travelling can’t prevent, unless of coarse you decide to be rude and or blunt, but that is not going to get you very far at all.


  1. Getting sick – If you are on a jam packed itinerary list with lack of sleep, food and zero ‘yourself time’, you are going to eventually get run down and sick. Often I do this to myself and can feel it coming on now and rest up before it happens. But when it does it sucks! Nothing worse than being in some tropical paradise with an abundance of fun outside and all you can do us hug your pillows and wish the pain away. Not that is an ugly truth about travelling that will eventually catch up on you if you can’t look after your body. (Tip – eat good food, stay fit and always rest, always!) You don’t want to be battling 18 away 18 ways to fall sick whilst travelling.
truths about travelling

Getting sick in Beijing – polluted air sucks!


  1. Living out of your bag is horrible – This can be quite cool for a month and even liberating to the fact that less is more and you are carrying everything that is essential in your life. But soon the ugly truth about travelling prevails that unpacking and re-packing can be a drag. Especially if its every second or third day, it can become quite the chore.
truths about travelling

Standard day when living out of a bag!


  1. It chews into your bank – Here is one we are all very familiar with, backpacking can be expensive. Sure If you stay in one place long enough you learn where to go for cheaper food and accom is cheaper and etc. But from place to place and including transport as such, these expenses stack up and take a major part in the appearance, or should I say disappearance of your bank account.


  1. Travel time is cool but so crap at the same time – Bus after bus and flight after flight you become a zombie like parcel that gets pushed onto transportation devices on route to where ever the hell that place is you have been wanting to go see for 10 years, high on your bucket list. One crapy truth about travelling is that the travelling part for endless hours is nothing short of shit.


  1. Food – Sometimes all you want is to drop rice or corn right out of the equation and go from something deliciously juicy like a big fat steak and vegetables but can’t get the decent meat or produce where you are. Eating repetitive food such as in Asia can turn your appetite into nothing within a few short weeks.


  1. Friends – The people you miss back home so much that you wish they could be seeing what you are seeing. Instead they are stuck in the cycle of horribleness where all they do is eat sleep work repeat and then drink on the weekend, F- that! But in all honesty you wish they could be with you. There is nothing like sharing amazing moments with new people, but not being able to reminisce or ever see them again kind of gets old real soon.


  1. Planning – No one, and I mean no one, wants to do this, and who ever says they do is lying! All we want is to be there already. Sipping on cervezas on the hammock that swings out over the beach as the sun descends from the glorious afternoon sky. But that’s how it is, you need to find a decent Wi-Fi connection, find out how to get there, what to do, which is the cheapest way and then find the tick and book it.
truths about travelling

In Berlin planning the next adventure


It is easier said than done but sometimes its not that simple when you have Wi-Fi that lags longer than your grandfathers stories or you are searching for a place that has about 3 corner stores and one hostel that is well overpriced that just so happens to be on top of a fricken mountain high up in the Northern Hemisphere.


Planning is one thing I hate; I just want to be there, doing the adventure, bungee jumping off the top of a bridge, drinking wine in Paris or surfing and diving through Central America.


However we can’t have it all, and even still we shouldn’t be complaining because just backpacking in itself is the experience of a life time even with those dreadful truths about travelling which are often inevitable anyways. So soak it up, drink it in, take those truths about travelling, put them behind you and move forward to and awesome future of adventure.







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