Visiting the Gold Coast on a shoestring budget

Like all of Australia, the Gold Coast is not cheap. However visiting the Gold Coast on a shoestring can be done.

Being a local in the area now, I have learn a lot of tips and tricks on where to save money and where to spend it along with where you will get the most bang for your buck on the famous city of the Gold Coast.

As a traveller here, you can visit the Gold Coast on a shoestring with ease just by using a little bit of common sense. And yes, common sense doesn’t seem to be all that common these days. Although if you are reading this, well I have high hopes for you in believing that you are a one a few that do.

Gold Coast on a shoestring

A Gold Coast view of Surfers Paradise

So basically the three most important ways to save money and see the Gold Coast on a shoestring budget is by saving on accommodation, food and transport.


First of all, here is where you open yourself up to save big bucks! When choosing to visit the Gold Coast, don’t go expensive with the accommodation because the best sights to see are outside, not in a hotel room. Actually, tip number 1 – Don’t spend your money on a hotel room. Try out Air BNB to find a suitable place to stay, which will be far cheaper than any hotel. Or you could check out some hostels here, which will save you loads also.


Getting around the Gold Coast and the rest of Australia is extremely expensive! Which is why if you want to do the Gold Coast on a shoestring, I recommend taking public transport or if it is a short walk, then walk. On the Gold Coast the public transport system isn’t very amazing so in some cases you may need to get somewhere where public transport doesn’t service. My advice for that is to organize a shuttle or use Uber instead of a cab.

Gold Coast on a shoestring

Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast


Ahhh yes, if you have come to the Gold Coast, or Australia for that matter for traditional food, the most traditional we get is a sausage on the barbeque. Which is great because I recommend not eating out in fancy restaurants at all and instead buying your own food and cooking it. It is far cheaper and it will save you loads when trying to do the Gold Coast on a shoestring budget. One great option is to pick up some sausages from the supermarket and head to the beach and use the free BBQ’s that are scattered all along the beach front up and down the Gold Coast.

Adventures –

I have added to the list and no it is not something you can save money on. I highly recommend against this as a matter of fact. Some of the money you do save from visiting the Gold Coast on a shoestring should be set aside, because you can’t come to this amazing place and not spend some money on adventures such as amusement parks, hiking, diving, boat trips and all sorts of fun.

Travelling on a budget is one thing, but you should never EVER let it get in the way of a good time!

If you are in need of more tips, tricks and advice for visiting the Gold Coast on a shoestring, please just ask in the comments box below.


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