Why do Aussies travel everywhere but Australia?

Are Aussies just to damn spoilt?

Do we really live the dream?

And why do Aussies travel everywhere but their homeland?

You know this is more than a common thing when you strike up a conversation with a young Aussie traveller abroad.

“So you are from Australia, that is so cool! I have always wanted to visit Australia, where do you think I should go when I visit?”

“Ahhh ummm, well . . . I only live there, I have never really travelled Australia.”

That’s how it goes right?

And the answer is usually always the same. Either where you live is a really cool place, even though it might not be worth visiting and from there on in you have nothing else to bring to the table.

BUT! You have travelled to many more countries than you could count on one and maybe even two hands or more, although the motherland has been neglected and there is a reason for this.

However what is that reason . . .

Why do Aussies travel everywhere but Australia?

Why do Aussies travel everywhere

Here I am travelling over in Petra, Jordan (not Australia . . )

To be honest I put it all down to expense and variety.

Although the most prominent reason for why do Aussies travel everywhere except Australia is, because Australia is just so damn expensive. And either most people are too busy studying or paying off a home loan, which leaves them with no money to spare.

So for those Aussies that can scrape a little cash together, travelling abroad is going to allow that money to stretch a lot further than what it would do spending it in Australia.

You see, lets say for example you want to travel to Airlie Beach (North Queensland) from, for example Sydney. Your flights on average would cost you anywhere between $400-$600 return or more (definitely more). You then need to fork out for the accommodation which can be anywhere from $100-$200 a night and upwards, and that too is being optimistic.

Which means for just a weeks trip you are spending about $1500 and that’s not even including food and activities. So once those expenses are added on you are paying at least $2500 minimum, yes minimum! And that is for just one person for only one week!

Now that to me is a damn expensive trip for just one week, right?

Myself as a budget traveller (and probably even yourself) could do and see so much more abroad with that money from anywhere in Asia, or even Central and South America.

Take for example a trip to Thailand, Bali, Malaysia or the Philippines. You can quite easily get return flights for under $400 to most of these places and that is being generous. From there your accommodation cost are a fraction of the price to Australia’s and the food and activities are even cheaper still.

So when you are to ask why do Aussies travel everywhere bar Australia?

It only makes sense that Aussies travel everywhere else because they can get A LOT MORE bang for their buck.

Although in saying that, it is quite sad that us Aussie miss out on so many amazing things to see and do in our own country and I myself have barely scrapped the top. Which makes me think, I need to save some more cash and actually be one of the 5 percent that travels their own country.

Are you an Aussie and if you were to take a trip would you choose to go overseas and if so why?

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