6 Easy Gluten Free Backpacking Meals

Backpacking on a Gluten Free diet can prove to be hard at times, although if you are prepared you can always get yourself out of a sticky situation.

Which is why I, being a Gluten Free traveller want to share with you some easy gluten free backpacking meals that always get me out of trouble when I’m looking for something to fuel my body back up whilst on the road.



Yes I know sometimes these are boring but you can make some dammn tasty salads with the right ingredients. Making a salad is definitely one of the easiest gluten free backpacking meals. Start by getting some leafy greens like spinach or even lettuce. Cut up some tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, mushrooms and red onion. Add some pine nuts and pumpkin seeds and dress with a salad dressing sauce or to create your own. I sometimes just use mayonnaise, lemon, Sea Salt and pepper.

Obviously not everyone will like some of these ingredients, so take out or add what you do and don’t like. But remember, it’s a salad so try keep it healthy, the healthier you have it the more energy you will get for your backpacking activities.

gluten free backpacking meals

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Tuna & Vegetable rice dish

This was my first ever go to meal when I started backpacking around the world, because it is by far the easiest of all the gluten free backpacking meals to make. I start by cooking up some rice, if there is a microwave or stove available (in hostel or etc.) I would use that and then just add a can of tuna with either some fresh diced vegetables, or if you are saving your pennies for adventurous activities, I sometime use canned vegetables and add GF soy sauce or mayo for taste.


Corn Cake Lunch 

This is one of my favorite lunch time snacks whilst on the road. All you need is some corn cakes, (generally they are gluten free, but just check), either avocado or mayonnaise as a spread, or you could use both. Then I just open a can of tuna or salmon and add that with maybe some sliced tomatoes. After munching on a few of those I am ready to go, such a simple and easy gluten free backpacking meal for on the go travellers.


GF Muesli Breakfast

Sometimes Gluten Free muesli is not the easiest to find, depending on where you are in the world, but most English speaking countries will have it. My suggestion if you can get a hold of some is to do so and keep it with you (if you have a snap lock Tupperware container or bag, this helps to keep it fresh.

All you need is that (or a substitute GF cereal) and some long life milk. You can often get packs of little milk cartons, like 250ml, which is a good idea, if not buying a 2-liter long life milk will do but after opening I suggest drinking it within at least 2-4 days so it doesn’t go to funky.

gluten free backpacking meals

Image – Yesfia


Chicken Avo Tomato Tacos

Another one of these very easy gluten free backpacking meals to make is tacos. You can do this with or without cooking, depending on what sort of filling you use. You can buy a pre cooked roasted chicken, cook chicken breasts yourself or beef and if you are rural, pick up a few cans of pre cooked chicken or tuna.

Once you know how you want your filling grab some corn taco shells if available where you are and just add avocado, and tomatoes. Such a tasty gluten free meal and if you wish to chop and change (pardon the pun) the ingredients around to suit your taste buds, go right ahead.

If you can’t find corn taco shells, corn tortillas work just the same as a tasty wrap.


Bacon, beans and egg breaky

I don’t know about you but I LOVE! Bacon and eggs, which is why I am including it as a gluten free backpacking meal. Sometimes you don’t always have cooking facilities where you are going so you can boil some eggs before you go and take a few cans of beans with you in your backpack and just leave out the bacon.

I know, I am sure you don’t want to leave the bacon behind. And in that case you do have the choice to grab some bacon, cook it up, then cook your eggs how you like (add some mushrooms, spinach or tomato if you like and cook you beans up too). Throw it all on the plate and you have one delicious meal to munch on.

Apart from fried, poached or scrambled, cooking an omelet also works great with the bacon and beans.


So there you go, some basic gluten free backpacking meals that will not let you down when you start to work up an appetite whilst trekking around the globe. If you have any of your own gluten free backpacking meals or food suggestions, be sure to leave a comment below.


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