The Biggest Gold Coast Living Expenses

Thinking about moving to Australia, but want to live somewhere tropical, with warm weather and amazing beaches, however you can’t afford skyrocket expenses like Sydney or Melbourne?
Compared to the likes of Sydney and Melbourne, Gold Coast living expenses are phenomenal in terms of location. It is one place in Australia where you can get more bang for your buck and live somewhere absolutely incredible.

Which is why I want share with you here, the biggest Gold Coast living expenses so you can compare them with where you are thinking off relocating to. Because lets face it, moving somewhere affordable is always a high priority and having low Gold Coast living expenses is something worth considering.


Accommodation (Renting/Buying)

When it comes to finding somewhere to live, you will be pleasantly surprised by Gold Coast living expenses in terms of rentals properties and or, even purchasing a home.

You can quite easily find somewhere to rent on the Gold Coast close to the beach for about $150-$250 per week, per person. Or for an apartment (2-4 bedroom) you are looking for anywhere between $300-$700 which is either located close to the beach in a decent suburb such as Miami, Palm Beach or Mermaid Waters.

For great Gold Coast rentals, use this link.

As for purchasing, you are looking at paying anywhere between $350k-$700K for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment close to the beach. Or even a for a 2-4 bedroom house a few suburbs back from the beach (1-4 suburbs back), you would be looking to pay between $450K-$900K. Which is a very low compared to the likes of Melbourne and especially Sydney where you would easily pay over 3 times as much, or more! However, obviously renting or buying is the biggest of the Gold Coast living expenses when moving, but is an investment well worth looking into.

gold coast living expenses

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For buying on the Gold Coast use this link.


In regard to food expenses, the Gold Coast is pretty much like everywhere else in Australia. But the best way to save on paying too much for food is to always shop at one of the larger grocery stores such as Woolworths or Coles. Although to get organic and healthier fruit, vegetables and meat you can check out the farmers markets that are in different locations around the Gold Coast, usually on the weekends.

See where your local Gold Coast farmers markets are here.



Here is where the Gold Coast is lacking compared with great public transport (trains, trams and buses) in places like Melbourne. We do however have a bus system that can get you to most places on the coast which can cost from $5-$15 depending on where you need to get to and where from. Or the Gold Coast now has a newly built tram system that runs from Southport down to Broadbeach and will continue further south as work progresses in the future. Other than that my advice would be to use your car basically all of the time. If that is not an option using Uber is always a great option, check Gold Coast Uber out it out here.

gold coast living expenses

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Adventure & Activities

Here is where your Gold Coast living expenses is slashed dramatically as most of the best things to do on the Gold Coast are free outdoor activities. From visiting the beach, hiking, seeing waterfalls or checking out parks etc. The Gold Coast does also have some great theme parks, which is one thing the Gold Coast is known for. And the cheapest way to visit these theme parks is by buying a yearly pass, which saves you a lot of money! You can check out a pass for every theme park here or a yearly pass for each individual one.

So compared to the rest of Australia you can see that Gold Coast living expenses are not only going to keep more money in your pocket but also allow you to live in a beautiful part of the world, where fun and adventure is abundant.


If you thought this post was helpful and want to know more about the Gold Coast, grab your official Gold Coast Guide to Living Like a Local.

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