Why travelling Gluten Free takes confidence

When a lot of people find out I am a Celiac they always seem to respond with

“Wow, traveling gluten free must really be tough”

But you know what, it’s not tough even in the slightest. Yea sure sometimes you may want to just pig out and scoff down a nice meal (gluten or no gluten) and not have to worry. Although you get that even if you are not travelling gluten free, but on the diet even at home!

travelling Gluten Free

However, that’s not to say that travelling gluten free is always super easy, just like it’s not always super easy in your own hometown. You are always going to have to be careful with everything by checking it, asking questions and knowing what you can and can’t eat.

And that is the same for on the road, you just do what you would do at home, it’s no different which is why it’s easy. If you have been on a gluten free diet for some time now, I am sure you would be able to travel and still stay religious to the diet.

Travelling Gluten Free is all about confidence, not just confidence in knowing what you can and can’t eat. But the confidence to ask questions, learn about all the different foods overseas as you travel, by finding out what is in the foods, what is safe for you to consume and what is not. This is all quite important when travelling gluten free in a particular country you are not familiar with.

Sure if you have only just started the gluten free diet, I suggest you get familiar with it at home before you decide to go travelling gluten free. It’s better for you to build up your confidence in a place you know, before you start stepping into unknown territory with unknown foods, people and languages.

Once you are familiar and feel you are ready to move on I am sure travelling gluten free is something you will do with ease. All you need to do is remember to stick to the basics on what foods you know you can and can’t eat.

travelling Gluten Free

Mmmm GF sashimi in Tokyo

Ask a lot of questions and always keep learning because this will build your confidence to help you stretch the boundaries. This will help you to travel to many more countries you thought you might never visit because of how hard travelling gluten free once was for you.

So don’t rule out travelling just because you have a dietary requirement, because If I can do it, you can do it too!

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