What the real joys of travelling are

Ah yes, the joys of travelling, like the time I watched dead bodies float by my face in India, or the time that I nearly got locked up in Asian prison for sleeping on the Great Wall of China.


What do you believe the joys of travelling really are?

joys of travelling

Solo hike, loving life

For you is it living out of a backpack, eating beans and rice and having a good body scrub every time you get access to a shower? Or are the joys of travelling for you when you are off grid for an extended period of time, with no access to Facebook or the real world, where people have jobs and bills to pay, day in day out.
Sure they are somewhat the joys of travelling to me also. However what really makes the joys of travelling for me are those special moments you can’t just go and create.
Those moments can be either good or bad, for instance on the opposite side of the spectrum. I was fortunate enough to be dazzled by an astrological storm in the desert of Egypt whilst sleeping under the radiant night sky. Or when I solo free dived 15m under the sea surface with whale sharks over in the Philippines

joys of travelling

Free diving in the Philippines with Whale Sharks


You see it’s the little things on your journeys that turn in to something amazing that they are the joys of travelling. Not once did I expect any of those above situations to occur, especially the day I saw a dead body float by my face. But I am not upset about it (I really was at the time though), because it made for an experience I will never forget.


So don’t try too hard to make those special moments that are the joys of travelling, these are not moments that can be, scripted, planned or forced. They are the special unraveling of events that occur to make a situation spectacularly significant in every single way.


No matter if the experience was considerably bad or absolutely spectacular, they are the memories we will always have, which make up the joys of travelling.


Because in the end the joys of travelling are all memories that will last forever, the only thing is, it’s up to you which ones you choose to create.

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