Why the locals love the Gold Coast

If you have never been to this amazing part of the world, all you need to do is listen in to a conversation on why the locals love the Gold Coast and your mind will be made up on why you should either move here or at least pay a visit.


Because honestly, what is there not to like . . .

locals love the gold coast

Image – Seth Oliver

Locals love the Gold Coast for a whole range of reasons, although it is quite easily a stand out that the locals love the Gold Coast for its world-class beaches that trump most tropical places in the world. Even on most winter days I can go to the beach with the sun out and be blown away with how incredible the Gold Coast really is.


Also, locals love the Gold Coast for it’s endless list of entertainment. There is always something happening on the Gold Coast every weekend, whether there are great bands playing, shows on at the Gold Coast Convention Centre, Conrad Jupiter’s Casino or festivals that come and go from the Gold Coast week in week out.


Most weekends, locals hold either arts and craft markets along with farmers markets and local eateries such as the Miami Marketa. However, locals love the Gold Coast for its vast and diverse range of not only great restaurants to eat at all over the city, but happening bars, clubs and night life entertainment spread across the coast.

locals love the Gold Coast

Image – Vince

Being a local on the Gold Coast, what I love the most is when the weekend comes around there is so many fun outdoor adventures or activities to be done.


Anything from heading to the beach, surfing, kayaking, great hiking trails, hinterland road trips, waterfalls, rock pools, high ropes, skydiving, theme parks and many, many more things to do. Seriously the list is endless!


In saying that, the Gold Coast is a great hub, from where you can easily go on a weekend road trip or on a week’s holiday somewhere beautiful within only 1-4 hours drive away. But most of all locals love the Gold Coast for how family friendly it is. There are so many great places for families to go, such as parks, beaches, theme parks, let alone the list of family activities that are available.


Being a local Gold Coaster myself, and still having travelled to every continent bar Antarctica, I will still always want to live on the Gold Coast and forever call it home. As they say, locals love the Gold Coast because what better place could you live in . . .


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