6 Awesome gluten free travellers snacks

I know what it is like being on the road backpacking and hunting down some quick fix Gluten Free travellers snacks.

It’s not always easy, and most of the time when you hit that all time level of hunger that you start to become hangry. Where your hunger turns in to anger and the desperation for anything Gluten Free to fill up your belly becomes priority one!

This is something we really want to avoid by keeping some delicious Gluten Free travellers snacks in our backpacks. Which is not only going to keep our bellies full but get us out of those ugly situations where we are unable to find any Gluten Free food.


This is my number one favorite that I try keep with me everywhere I go. Whether it be trail mix, a few cashews, almonds or even just some peanuts and sultanas. Nuts are by far one of the best Gluten Free travellers snacks that are also very nutritious and by snacking on them regularly you eliminate your need for large meals.

gluten free travellers snacks

Trail Mix to keep your energy levels up


If you are a bit of a health freak like me, you would rarely catch me without an apple or a banana within close proximity, especially bananas! Fruit is always one of the great Gluten Free travellers snacks that can hit the spot, supply you with healthy sugars and keep you going whilst on your travels.

gluten free travellers snacks

Fruit is always a good choice

Hard Boiled Eggs

As a Gluten Free travellers snack, these are often forgotten when it comes to being on the road. And especially for those times out hiking, trekking or adventuring far away from any civilization. Hard boiled eggs are a great snack to take with you as eating 2 or 3 can really fill you up in times of hunger. Not only can they be filling but they too boost you up with lots of energy and protein if you are out in the wilderness with a long hike ahead of you.

Chips or Crackers

Chips and crackers are perfect for any situation. Whether you are on the bus, train, plane, catching a ferry, having a picnic or just snacking on instead of breakfast or lunch. Make sure you try and go for the healthy option when it comes to chips like veggie chips, kale chips, sometimes corn chips and even rice crackers. If you choose to take some of the with you, be sure to check if they are Gluten Free before you go ahead and purchase them. 


It’s not always easy to find Gluten Free muesli. However if you do, this is one of those perfect Gluten Free travellers snacks that you can keep by you in your day pack or inside a snap lock container that keeps it fresh. So next time you are in the supermarket, keep you eyes open for the GF muesli.


One thing I always do when I am travelling, is take with me a snap lock Tupperware container that can hold foods that I don’t eat (left overs) from either restaurants or something I had cooked the previous night. Often it will be a salad that I snack on or sometimes keep for lunch. This is one thing I do recommend, not just for salad but for any type of Gluten Free travellers snacks that you need to keep fresh and take with you as you go.


So there you have it, 6 great Gluten Free travelers’ snacks that will pull you out of most of you hunger situations whilst gallivanting around the globe. If you have any other Gluten Free snacks that you take with you travelling, please let us know in the comments box below.

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