Why everyone should leap into world exploration

You want to travel, but you’re nervous, and taking that leap into world exploration sends shivers down your neck.


You see other travel blogs, read articles and view stunning photographs in envy of how some people have taken that leap into world exploration to live such phenomenal lives. Then you think, oh they are so lucky; they get to travel the world.


Well guess what, there is no luck in what these people have done and are doing.


Everybody who goes travelling and takes the leap into world exploration does so from making a choice, unless of coarse they won a holiday, the chances of which are slimmer than Angelina Jolie on the 40 hour famine. But seriously, when you look at it, they still have to choose whether to go or not. So, winning a holiday aside, those who do get to travel and see the world, choose to do so on their own accord.


Do you ever think that perhaps they too were once slightly afraid? Do you ever think that perhaps they got onto that plane with butterflies in their stomach?

leap into world exploration

Where to next . . .


Your damn right they did.


Everyone gets nervous once they are out of their comfort zone; there is no doubt in that. But you know what they say,

“You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new”


I for one get nervous to travel even if I have stayed in a place just a little over a month or more. The thought of moving on frightens me, as I never know what to expect from the next place I visit. Even when it comes time to fly home I get that slightly awkward feeling of nerves and this is about a place I grew up in throughout my child hood.

But these feelings of nerves are a good thing, how boring would our lives be if we didn’t have such feelings. We would be jumping out of planes like it’s a morning routine and still not feel the sense of fear and adrenalin. These feelings are what make us human. They remind us that we have the option to choose our own direction.

leap into world exploration

Checking out the Philippines on a solo adventure


We shouldn’t be afraid, because when we close one door in bravery, the world always rewards us with a new hello. A hello towards bigger and better things, that is just around the corner.


Making a leap into world exploration rewards us with more than what we could ever expect. Initially we would have no idea what the reward would be, especially if it’s to be our first time. But the reward will be something truly special, something we will hold close to us forever.


You will eventually discover the reward of knowledge, adventure, experience, enjoyment from finally setting yourself free to the world to explore!


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