Tips for Living like a local Gold Coaster

How do you even start living like a local Gold Coaster though?


Especially when you don’t know how the locals actually live . . .


Well this article isn’t exactly how and why you should be living like a local Gold Coaster. It is more about becoming a local on the Gold Coast and what that means.


It’s knowing where things are, what to do, where to go and how to utilize all that information to feel and fit in like a local on the Gold Coast. Because let’s face it, moving anywhere new is tough. You don’t know where you are, where to go, what the places looks like and how to get around.

Living like a local gold coaster

So, my advice to you when you first decide to move here to the Gold Coast is. Keep your eyes open and try remembering where you are, where you have been and how you got there. Because if you can do this, that really helps when you need to remember how to get to certain places like the best beaches or that café where you had the best coffee you ever tasted and things like that.


Living like a local Gold Coaster means finding all those secret spots that not many people know about and using your new and increasing knowledge of the area to your benefit. Just like when you were a kid, you knew all the short cuts to get to school, or the park, just like you knew where to get the best milkshake and lollies in town.


Its one in the same where you want to remember things like where the cheapest shops are, where you can get the best food in town, or visit the best parks, beaches and those secret little chill spots.


To live like a local Gold Coaster you need to go everywhere and try everything, but the most important thing of all you should really do, is to talk to people. I know, yeah, I know it’s hard at the start, just like anything in life. But, getting to know people in your local area really helps. They can teach you things, show you places and help you meet new people to make new friends.

Living like a local gold coaster

Living like a local Gold Coaster really is a great life to live when you start to get your bearings and feel for the place. And the only way to do that is to get out there and see things, do things and meet people along the way.


Like any place in the world you may bump into some strange people, but with that you will also meet some truly amazing people who will teach you a thing or two about the Gold Coast and what it is, to start living like a local Gold Coaster.


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