5 best gold coast radio stations

Just moved to the Gold Coast or are looking to come up for a visit or even relocate, but don’t want to be stuck in your car listening to dribble day in day out.
I’m sure finding the best Gold Coast radio stations is going to help you navigate and settle into the Gold Coast that much better whilst hunting down your new job, supermarket and everything else that needs to be found.

So here are the 5 best Gold Coast radio station to get you through your day.

Sea FM 90.9

One of the, if not THE most popular and often regarded as the best Gold Coast radio stations is Sea FM 90.9. With the standard inclusions of local news, weather, and of coarse the greatest hits from the top of the charts. The Sea FM hosts do some great work in getting the freshest beats out to you whilst feeding you weather updates and the latest breaking news.

best gold coast radio stations

Gold FM 92.5

One of the best Gold Coast radio station for the golden oldies I should say. 92.5 Gold FM play some absolute classics that can have you dancing and singing at the top of your lungs to and from work! Like Sea FM they too give you the news, weather and everything else in between including advertisements, which yes we all hate. But that is how most radio stations are run right.


Triple J 97.7best gold coast radio stations

Except for Triple J, this to me is by far the top of the best Gold Coast radio stations to listen to. There are just so many great things to list about triple J, but I will start by saying they run this radio station with NO ADDS! Yup and not only do they not advertise, they also blast out the newest of new songs, often before those songs become ever so popular and hit the top of the charts, following which the other radio stations grab a hold of them and play them excessively. Again Triple J is not just on of the best Gold Coast radio stations, but the best in Australia! Providing us with the latest news and weather from around Australia and some international news also. Certainly my choice of radio whilst in the car!


Hot Tomato 102.9

Hot Tomato is much like Sea FM but is also a cross between 92.5 in the way they play some of the latest top hits, but also some of the old time favorite top hits! With Hot Tomato you get the best of both worlds. Again they also update you with pressing news and weather reports too.


Radio Metro 105.7 

For those of you who like a techno music mix and mash ups from all sorts of DJ’s around the Globe. Flick yourself over to Radio Metro which you will find to be one of your favourite Gold Coast radio Stations. Radio Metro really does play some good music, however I find you may have to sit through a fair few ordinary songs to hear something good. It is one of those radio stations you flick between to check if they have anything good going on over there.
So there you have it, the best 5 Gold Coast radio stations that will leave you with music to your ears. Please feel free to comment below on which you prefer and why.


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