6 places where Gold Coast locals eat

There are many great places where Gold Coast locals eat, not only for the great priced food, but also their deliciousness. Which is why, if you are looking for a great valued feed that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, you should start by checking out these 6 places that Gold Coast locals eat at on the reg.

I know I do, because half these places I will visit at least one, twice if not sometimes three times in one month. So throw these places on your to do list and see why they are considered so popular, that us Gold Coast locals like to eat there.


Mama Roma, Broadbeach

A popular Italian restaurant in Broadbeach serves up a great $10 lunch special every day; you can go wrong with that! The restaurant also offers a half priced menu from 11.30am to 6.30pm every day! (Excluding public holidays)


Govinda’s, Burleigh Heads

This is my go to place for a quick feed. I eat here at least once per week, being located just down the road from me and offering one of the healthiest menus on the coast! It is a pure vegetarian restaurant that is definitely worth a try even if you are a meat eater. The food at Govinda’s is not only delicious; it is also very fresh, healthy and is surprisingly cheap. So make sure you get in to Govinda’s for lunch or dinner one day, it is the in place in Burleigh that is always busy.

gold coast locals eat

Miami Marketa

Obviously located in Miami, the Miami Marketa is a happening place every Saturday evening. Packing a punch with an array of delicious street foods from, Mexican, French, Spanish and Thai you will reward not just your taste buds but also your bank account. There is also the Shed bar and the Cargo Bar where you can get drinks, live music and its always thriving with locals, a must visit when you are in the area.

gold coast locals eat

Sushi Train

Sushi Train is always a popular joint where Gold Coast locals eat quite often. With a large menu where you can order or pick from the train as it goes past. With water, green tea, mayonnaise, soya sauce and many other condiments to go with your sushi, you will be in for a treat. It is not always the cheapest meal, but you know it is going to be healthy. There are many Sushi Train locations all over the Gold Coast and Australia, so be sure to check out where your local Sushi Train is here.


Barefoot Barista

This is popular place, where Gold Coast locals eat over the weekend, because of its cheap breakfast menu. Not only is the menu delicious, they also use as much organic food as possible to ensure you are providing your body with valuable nutrients. Also being one of the top cafes on the Gold Coast you can indulge in a quality coffee.


Cardamon Pod

Again, this is another very popular vegetarian restaurant, although Cardamon Pod is located in the ever popular and busy Broadbeach. Offering lunch and dinner daily you can also wrap your taste buds around a large range of healthy and organic foods along with milkshakes, mocktails and smoothies. They also do provide dairy free, gluten free and vegan options for all different types of dietary requirements.


So there you have it, some of the most popular places where Gold Coast locals eat when they are ravenous for a delicious meal that doesn’t set them back all to much. If you are a Gold Coast local and have a special place you love to it, please share with us below.


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