The Gold Coast guide to ticket finding

When it comes time to getting in line for tickets for your favourite events, this Gold Coast guide to ticket finding will show you where to go and how to get the best deals possible.

Most of the major events that you will want to use this Gold Coast guide to ticket finding are the Gold Coast 600 (V8 Super Cars), big bands/artists that come to perform along with most sporting events. From when the Gold Coast Titans play NRL at their local stadium in Robina, or when The Gold Coast Suns play Australian Rules Football at their home ground in Carrara.

As a Gold Coast guide to ticket finding, this article would be incomplete without a listing of websites you can use to poach awesome deals on cheap tickets to Gold Coast events.

gold coast guide to ticket finding


Keeping up to date with all that is happening can be tough and nobody expects you to know what is going on 24/7 in your hometown. So, I recommend you check out all the events that are happening on the Gold Coast at any given time with Visit Gold Coast by clicking here. You will find a long list of event types, when and where they are, along with their addresses too. Most tickets for these events are available to be purchased from this site. However there is far better option than doing just that.

So when it comes to sporting events, such as the football, either NRL or AFL and some other games such as cricket and etc. You should certainly use Ticketmaster as they will provide you with the most competitive prices. Ticketmaster is also great for booking tickets to see musicians, arts, comedy and a range of events that are local to not only the Gold Coast, but all of Australia.

Or if you are a bargain hunter much like myself and are using this Gold Coast guide to ticket finding to source out the cheapest tickets for theme parks. Get on over to and gain some insight on scoring the best deals for locals.

So, without overloading you with a whole lot of information for something that is as basic as finding cheap Gold Coast tickets. Remember to use these resources, which will not only save you time but your hard earned cash too.

Is there anywhere else that you go to find cheap tickets online for Gold Coast events? Be sure to share below on the comments box.


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