The problem solving Gold Coast guide to renting

Thinking of moving to the Gold Coast and want to rent a room?


Or are you looking for an apartment, unit or a house to live in?


Look no further because here is your Gold Coast guide to renting.


When it comes to finding a room, the Gold Coast guide to renting will tell you everything you need to know to source somewhere nice, cheap and in a great location.

It can sometimes be tough finding a room that suits your needs, although at short notice there are almost always room’s available on the Gold Coast for rent. All you need to do is to know where to find them. Which is exactly what I want to tell you in the Gold Coast Guide to renting.

 gold coast guide to renting

The Gold Coast guide to renting

But first, where do you want to rent?

This is the tricky part, especially if you are new in town. Generally most people who move to the Gold Coast do so for the climate and the close proximity to the beach. If you are looking for the best suburbs to live in on the Gold Coast, check this post out of the 6 Favourite Gold Coast Suburbs to Live in

The next step to getting a room to rent is by getting online and searching your butt off. They are a few and far between when it comes to good rooms, however they are out there. One tip of advice though, is to always and I mean ALWAYS check the place out, meet the other people who are living there and be sure to not just answer their questions, but ask some of your own.

This way you know what you are getting in for. You want to pre-qualify them to see if that person or persons are people you believe you could live with. This is something that people always forget about if they are in a mad haste to find a room. It is ok to live in your room if you wish, but you don’t want to have to hide from the people you are living with. That is not a healthy environment anyone should be in.

Now that you know what you are looking for and the types of people you may or may not want to be living with. Below is a list of links you should use to find yourself a room. – This is pretty self explanatory, you just need to get on there and start searching for rooms for rent on the Gold Coast. – Here is a site where you can become a free member and start finding rooms on the Gold Coast and anywhere else in Australia for that matter. – This site is a little more credible than the other two for finding a room, because this website is dedicated to just the Gold Coast.

So there are 3 options you have for finding a room in this Gold Coast guide to renting

But what If you are following this Gold Coast guide to renting and are not after just a room. There are tons of ways you can find apartments, units, flats and houses for rent on the Gold Coast.

In saying that though you need to be on the hunt regularly and you need to be quick. The reason for this is because those nice places that get put up for rent and are offering low rent, almost always get snapped up by people on the look out for something better.

This is why you need to be consciously looking on various platforms. I suggest heading too


Real Estate View

These three websites are quite credible and I assure you that you will certainly find what you are after on at least one of these. However I do have to warn you, when trying to find an apartment, unit or house to rent. It is not something that can be done overnight, like when hunting for a room to rent.

Firstly, if you are going to be signing up for a formal lease, then you want to know exactly what you are getting yourself in to, your rights and obligations. Secondly, you need to check the place out, the surroundings, whether it will be the right fit for you and where you are in your life now.


If you thought this post was helpful and want to know more about the Gold Coast, grab your official Gold Coast Guide to Living Like a Local.

Or if you are interested in further browsing be sure to check out what is available to see and do on the Gold Coast by visiting either of these links below which provide a great range of information. If not there are more great Aus Globetrotter posts about the Gold Coast.


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