6 secret spots on the Gold Coast for adventure

Whether you are a local or a visitor to the Gold Coast, there is no reason you wouldn’t want to find the secret spots on the Gold Coast for fun and adventure, especially on your weekends off. The Gold Coast is filled with fun and adventurous places to explore however there are some that are not so popular but very magnificent and worth seeing, some of which are great camping spots and hikes.


Picnic Rock

Picnic Rock can be found in the Green Mountains at the Lamington National Park. This incredible picnic spot is located in a world heritage listed rainforest and has some of the most spectacular views you’ll ever see.


Currumbin Rock Pools

One of my favourite secret spots on the Gold Coast to go after some rainfall is to the Currumbin Rock Pools where you can hike into the woods of the rainforest for no longer than five minutes and find an amazing rockslide that you can jump on and slide down around and into a small little pool of water. However if there has been a large amount of rainfall, you need to be very cautious and never attempt this rockslide unless you see somebody do it first, for precaution.


Further up from there you can check out the rock pools that allow you to jump into them from a height, although again you need to be careful and make sure there is nothing in the water below you before you go attempting to jump. The Currumbin Rock Pools are fun for all ages and there are more than just one pool as you drive out west of the Gold Coast you will discover where the main rock pool is. But to visit the rockslide and the larger rock pools and jumps you need to keep driving further down the road and you will come to a dead end where you’ll find a car park. From here is a short walk to where the best rock pools are.


The Natural Bridge 

Another one of those amazing secret spots on the Gold Coast is the Natural Bridge in Springbrook National Park the Natural Bridge is an unusual natural feature created over millions of years ago by cascading water through the roof of the basalt cave. The natural Bridge is also home to a colony of glow-worms, which you can see at sunset and midnight. There are also a number of lookouts over the lush rainforest you can view. Again on some summer nights you may be able to see luminous fungi and fireflies and during the day hear the calls of rifle birds.

secret spots on the gold coast

The Natural Bridge

Best Camping Spot – Tally Creek

To add to the spectacular secret spots on the Gold Coast, there is a great camping site at Tallebudgera Creek where you can camp right by the water. Which, on those delightful Gold Coast days allows you to swim, kayak, sunbake and water-ski. It’s also linked to the ocean further up the creek where you will be able to view many mangroves and forestation. Without the need to camp, you can visit the magical spot by day, with the family, for a BBQ, a swim or even to just relax and unwind.
Purlingbrook Falls – Springbrook National Park

The Purlingbrook Falls is too one of those secret spots on the Gold Coast that not many people visit. It is a UNESCO world Heritage listed site in Springbrook National Park in the Gold Coast hinterland. And after some heavy rainfalls, water creates a spectacular waterfall that attracts some tourists if they are lucky to know about it. You do need to be cautious as this area can be quite dangerous with falling rocks during landslides which means you need to be wary walking along the tracks.
Lamington National Park

Last but not least is Lamington National Park, one of those must visit secret spots on the Gold Coast which is made up of two sections, the Green Mountains section is located on the western side of the Lamington plateau in an area called O’Reilly. It is about a 70 minutes (38kim) drive from Broadbeach up to Lamington National Park.

The Green Mountains is famous for its walking tracks, one of which is Picnic Rock, which itself provides many natural carved places to sit and ponder some breathtaking sights. It is only a short track being about 7.6 km return.


So there you have it, there are some of the best secret spots on the Gold Coast you may want to visit as a local or a visitor, but remember –

Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures and kill nothing but time.

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