7 super fun activities for local Gold Coasters

Being a local living on the Gold Coast for majority of my life, I have been blessed with a world of adventure right at my doorstep.


I could go into it further as to why this place is so phenomenally fun, but here is a selection of 7 great activities, out of the hundreds of activities for local Gold Coasters to participate in with their spare time.



One of my favourite activities is hiking and the Gold Coast has some amazing locations within driving distance, where you can go and hike. We have the hinterland such as Mt. Tamborine and Springbrook National Park where you have a great variety of hikes you can check out. Or you can head on down to Murwillumbah for one of my fav hikes, Mt. Warning. There is also Bina Burra Mountain Lodge, Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk, Mt. Barney and many more that can be discovered. You can find one hour hikes to full day hikes or even some overnight hikes if you’d like. So be sure to check those out as some of these offer utterly spectacular views.



Obviously hitting the beach is a must do activity for local Gold Coasters. What would a weekend be without a visit to the beach? You have such a long stretch of sand, with beach after beach, after beach. From all the way up at the Gold Coast Sea Way (The Spit), right down to Point Danger which borders QLD and NSW. All of the fabulous Gold Coast beaches are great for tanning, swimming, having a BBQ and most provide showers, toilets and even hot water at some. So never rule out the beach as a local activity, because there are more than enough beaches to check out.


Theme Parks

Most locals leave these places to the tourists, but in saying that, you would still be surprised with how many locals decide to run amuck at the theme parks to. When it comes to buying all season passes for just a little extra compared to a singe general admission fee. Why would the theme parks not be included as one of those fun filled activities for local Gold Coasters over the weekends and school holidays?



If you are a water baby like me and grew up in the ocean loving everything about it. Grab some snorkel gear and head out off to (or around) The Spit to see some marine life. Or if you are looking to go one step further and see some more amazing sea life and marine animals, book yourself in for a dive. This can be done at Cooly Dive shop (not an affiliate) where you will surely have an impressive diving experience.


Hit the Broadwater (boating, sailing, fishing and etc.)

Being below water may not be your thing, but if being above water is, be sure to get yourself stuck into some activities on the Broadwater. You could hire a boat, go fishing, sailing, and stand up paddle boarding or even try water skiing. The possibilities are endless and you will sure be in for a fun time as one of the best activities for local Gold Coasters is to utilize the Broadwater doing all these things


Whale watching

This is something that is seasonal, usually from May to November each year, as the hump back whales migrate north to breed before returning south again with their offspring. The whales travel reasonably close to the coast and the best months for whale watching are always June to October. If you are a whale fan or would just like to go whale watching as one of those fun activates for local Gold Coasters, you should look at grabbing a ticket and going out on tour boat. Sure as a surfer I have seen them many times, but to have a better chance at seeing them up close and as personal as you can get, go out on tour boat.


Activities for local gold coasters

Whale Watching Time!

Currumbin wildlife Sanctuary

Being quite young and still in school, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of those places we were lucky enough to visit on school excursions. If you are a local Gold Coaster and haven’t been, it is worth taking a look and learning all about our wildlife and what is involved with it.

Activities for local gold coasters

Check out these guys at the sanctuary


Visit Stradbroke Island

Such an amazing part of the Gold Coast with many locals, and I do mean many! Local Gold Coasters, who are looking to get off the mainland, take a ferry over to Stradbroke Island and go surfing, snorkeling, fishing, walking around checking it out or just to laze by the beach. There is even a resort with places to moor your own boat, pools and bars. If this is something you are interested in, be sure to do a little research of your own for what is available on Stradbroke Island, and possibly even go camping there for a weekend away.

So there you have it, 7 great activities for local Gold Coasters who know where to go to have a great time on any given weekend and also either before or after school.


If you thought this post was helpful and want to know more about the Gold Coast, grab your official Gold Coast Guide to Living Like a Local.


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