Tips to travelling on a gluten free diet

Are you a celiac/gluten free person who wants to travel the world?
Well join the club! There are a whole bunch of us who have been travelling on a gluten free diet and have been doing so for years.


I first learnt all about and how to travel on a gluten free diet a decade ago, when most of the world had never even heard the words Gluten, Celiac Disease and Gluten Free.


It was all a bit bizarre, back then when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and little did I know in just 2 short years I would be out and about travelling around the globe on a gluten free diet.

travelling on a gluten free diet

Gluten Free travel is easier than you think!

In the beginning it seemed near impossible, especially back then. However I have been on the road for a decade now and know the ins and outs of gluten free travel. So why would I not share my knowledge and pass it down to those who desire adventure and to travel the world just like myself.


First of all, when it comes to travelling on a gluten free diet, you need to Be Prepared For Anything & Everything. That’s right; you can get caught out sometimes in remote locations, be stuck with a language barrier and simply can’t get a hold of anything gluten free to eat.


This means you should always, and I mean always when abroad, have some water with you and at least a few snacks to tide you over. Being even more prepared by looking up where to get gluten free food at places before you go is also wise. However, you won’t be able to do this for a lot of places in the world, which is why you need your back up stash.


As much as you can be prepared, it still doesn’t hurt to do some Research into where you are going, what type of foods are available and where from. Some hotels may cater for you, or you can pre advise them of your allergy. Doing this will make travelling gluten free such a breeze.

Also, with that, it doesn’t hurt to let your airline know you would like a gluten free plane meal for your travels too. Same goes for long bus rides, ferry rides and trains, where meals are provided or included.


With most of the research out of the way, I like to dig a little deeper at times. Especially if I am going to be in a country for a certain amount of time, it pays to Learn A Little Of The Local Language. I don’t mean you should go out and master the French or German etc. language, instead just by learning a few simple words or phrases, you will find it will help you get by a lot easier. Especially travelling on a gluten free diet, which is why it would be wise to learn a few GF travel phrases.


And, lastly, if all else fails when you are hungry and travelling on a gluten free diet and you are unsure of something, whether or not it is or isn’t gluten free, your best bet is, If In Doubt, Leave It Out.


After all, you are travelling and you don’t want to get sick and possibly disrupt your adventures. So just grab some fruit, vegetables or snack on some nuts. This way you can still eat something and knowingly not get sick.

If you have been travelling on a gluten free diet also and would love to share some of your GF travel trips, please feel free to share them in the comments box below.








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