5 types of food to avoid abroad when gluten free

Ok, so you want to go on a world adventure or maybe just across the water (at least) for a getaway, but you are unsure of what food to avoid abroad when you are gluten free.

Understandably it can be tough when first deciding to go away whilst being on a gluten free diet; however it is much easier than you may think. And with this list of 5 foods to avoid abroad when gluten free, I am sure this will help make your travels that much easier.

 food to avoid abroad when gluten free

Baked Goods

As a general rule of thumb, if it is baked don’t touch it! This means bread too, unless of course you manage to score some gluten free bread in a restaurant or at a health food shop close by.

However when it comes to baked goods you want to stay far away, as their main ingredient is usually wheat flour. So be sure to avoid these types of gluten products being bread, cakes, cookies, buns, muffins and even pizza. Anything that you can think of that is baked and contains wheat flour is a no go.


Here, unless you have specifically asked for gluten free pasta from a waiter or shop attendant and you know they have it available, stay away from pastas. Normally they are always made from wheat, although in Italy and some places around America and throughout Europe you may find the odd place that does offer gluten free pasta, which is always refreshing when abroad and looking for something homely to eat. Some supermarkets may even have it in stock, although you will want to check what brands to look out for before you go on a gluten free pasta hunt.


Hungry for breakfast? Be careful, you are going to want to stay away from boxed cereals for they will usually contain gluten. And yes that means oats and most cornflake brands as well unfortunately. As an alternative, go for some fruit or perhaps even a breakfast smoothie, or possibly some eggs, beans and bacon. There are plenty of breakfast alternatives to cereals available, all you need to do is use you head.

Processed meat

Mmmmm, these are deliciously disgusting to be honest. Most processed meat is not the healthiest of options to start with, let alone the wheat, yeast, rye or barely they use in these meats to ‘beef them up’. Generally speaking these processed meats are the likes of burger patties, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, sausages, meat loafs and kebab meat. So, these are certainly some types of food to avoid when gluten free abroad. If you are thinking of getting a burger without the bun, remember to ask if the patty has any wheat/gluten in it, most chefs will know.

Beer and Whiskey

Ok I know this is not food, although some people choose this over food at times (yes, I sometimes used to be a culprit of this, between the ages of 18-23). Although in all seriousness, I included this because if you are travelling or on a holiday, more often than not alcohol is consumed, particularly if you are in a group, after all what would a holiday be without a few drinks at times right . . . ?


Well there you have it, a quick and simple guide of what food to avoid abroad when gluten free. However, when you are unsure of some certain foods to avoid when you start to get hungry, I always go by the old saying, if in doubt leave it out. You are better off being little bit hungry than sick on your holiday that’s for sure.

What other types of food you generally try to avoid when travelling on a gluten free diet? Please feel free to share for us all in the comments box below.

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