Why DriveNow car hire is your best bet!

I know what it’s like having to find to find your way around a new city. Often, public transport can suffice. However, when you have your own ride, you not only save a lot of time but get to see so much more on your travels.

I love to road trip for exactly the same reason, you not only see more, but are able stop when and wherever you wish. I have made many road trips around the world, from America, Europe, and Australia to New Zealand and to be honest, the best way to see a place whilst travelling is by car.

Which is why on your next trip, I urge you grab a car and thoroughly check out the country, state or even the city you are in.

If you find yourself travelling for a few days, why not do what I do. If I’ll spend time travelling throughout a country, I’ll go grab myself a campervan. This way you save on accommodation and get to see parts of the country or the city you never even knew existed.

The hardest part, though, when looking for a car rental is not getting ripped off. Especially if you are hiring a car for longer than just a few days, you want to know what you are getting yourself into. Which is why shopping around for decent deals is a very wise decision.

DriveNow car hire

I myself have done a lot of shopping around for great deals when travelling. I have found that DriveNow car hire offers very competitive rates and one of the best car hire companies around. They do this is by offering the best rates possible for all the major car hire companies – from Avis, Budget, Europcar, Thrifty, Hurtz and many others.

The great thing about DriveNow car hire is they don’t solely offer deals in just Australia but all over the world from New Zealand, Europe, UK to North America. Aside from rental cars, DriveNow also offers campervan hire in Cairns and other major Australian cities.

DriveNow car hire was a business designed to help travelers. Which they have been doing since 2003 by allowing us travelers no booking fees, no payment needed until pick up, lowest prices guaranteed and the very best web rates direct from their suppliers.

So when it comes time to thoroughly see a city, a state or even a country. Don’t look past DriveNow car hire as you can certainly score great deals, see more on your travels and if done right, save more pennies to put back into the travel bucket list piggy bank.



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