Why you need gluten free travel insurance

Gluten free travel insurance . . . does that even exist, is there such a thing?


Those were my first thoughts when gluten free travel insurance came to mind.


Seriously though, if you have coeliac disease and love adventuring around the world much like myself, then being covered for having coeliac disease is really something you should look into.


Because little did I know, there is more to it when it comes to gluten free travel insurance. That’s right, not all insurers and policies will cover you.


We don’t want to be fooled, especially now that you know there are many travel insurers who don’t cover those of us with coeliac disease.


I know right, how dreadful is that!

Gluten free travel insurance

Just when you thought you were safe and sound, all ready to head off on your next adventure, you find out that not all travel insurance covers us travelers with coeliac disease. Although in saying that, it’s actually a good thing you have found out now.


You would hate to be stuck overseas in some foreign country with a severe reaction to gluten, only to be faced with an even more preposterous hospital bill. Which is why I suggest, when it comes to finding gluten free travel insurance you really need to do your homework.


Sure it may not be fun, but it’s quite crucial, especially in the awful event of something happening. So what I suggest is, either ask your regular travel insurer if they will cover you, or hunt down a travel insurer with a policy that suits. And if you can’t find the information, be sure to contact them via phone or email for more support to see if they do offer gluten free travel insurance.


Although, if you are feeling lazy. Don’t stress I have found a few travel insurance companies who will cover you. Check them out below and decide on which policy may work best for you.


1 Cover

These guys are Australian, although I am sure international clients are accepted. You can get a quote via this link here – https://www.1cover.com.au
Travel Insurance Direct (Australia)

Again Australian. However, certainly international clients are welcome. Check them out here –https://service.travelinsurancedirect.com.au/customer/portal/articles/611220-automatically-covered-medical-conditions


Its So Easy Travel Insurance

These guys offer gluten free travel insurance also, where you can check out what they offer here –



Travel Insurance Direct

Being the ‘travel insurance experts’ who offer travel insurance to those of us with coeliac’s, you may want to check them out here –

What travel insurance covers you when you travel as a coeliac? Please feel free to let us know in the comments box below.





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