Why Niseko is the best-valued snow adventure for Australian’s

I have been a huge snow fan most of my life! I love snowboarding and have been trekking around the globe to not only find the best mountains to ride but also those of which have the best snow.

And, if you have read any of my other posts about Japan and it’s incredible champagne powder (snow), you would certainly understand why I hold Japan so close to my heart when it comes to snowboarding.


Mt Yotei at dusk – Niseko, Japan

Ever since I started snow boarding in Australia I had high hopes of some day visiting the heavenly place of Japan for it’s champagne powder. Little did I know when I finally arrived to Japland I would be ever so blessed by not just meeting such friendly people but also eating such delicious food.

You see, ever since the thought of Japan popped into my head (many moons ago) after my first days attempting snowboarding. I always dreamt of being way up high, atop a freshly snow covered mountain standing in knee to waist high deep powder. About to drop down it’s face and carve clear defined lines over and across the cheeks of it, leaving my mark on what would be one of the most memorable moments in my life.

And I did just that!

And as I reached the base of the mountain I had myself a moment, you know one of those times you reflect back and appreciate everything you have, everything you are and most importantly that perfect present moment. I couldn’t help it by celebrating with a few fist pumps into the air whilst no one around had the opportunity to see.


Myself boarding Niseko

But I don’t share this with you to be a cocky braggadocios brat who finally achieved a snow dream. I share this with you now, specifically during this month as winter in Japan is fast approaching, for I want you to be able to share a similar experience.

Even if Japan wasn’t something you had put on a pedestal such as I did. It is surely a place you need to visit if you are a snow lover like myself.

It doesn’t have to be a long trip to Hakuba, it could just be a short Niseko vacation with a group of mates, the family or your beloved partner.

Either way, if it is snow you are after and quality at that. Don’t bother with saving your pennies to head off to the snow in Perisher the following year. Because in all honesty you won’t get your moneys worth.

I know this for a fact, I have ran the figures and for the same price if not cheaper (depending on your calculative airfare sales techniques) you can score a trip to Japan cheaper than what you would be paying for a simple little trip to Perisher.

Not that I want to discourage people from going to Perisher, however if you are going to make the effort. Why not make it a worthwhile one and see somewhere different, eat something different and be somewhere different. Because in the end it may just make all the difference…



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