I quit travel blogging and it changed my life!

Yes I quit travel blogging and I love it!

But on the other hand I also loved that I started travel blogging because I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without it, that is for sure, nor would I be telling you this story.

So here it goes;

We all know everyone and everything changes in this world right? You would be lying to not only yourself but also the universe if you didn’t agree, after all it’s science. Even every cell in our body has changed over the course of 7 years, so basically change is inevitable!

But never mind the facts and figures of what’s science, or what is real and what’s not. Because in this very post I am going to be 100% real, 100% honest, raw and truthful on how my life has changed and why I accept this change each and everyday single day! Yes, literally every day.

But before I begin I have a slight confession;

It’s true, I got started in this travel blogging game because I thought it was my ticket out of the 9-5 rat race that 95% of us are in. There you go, I said it!

Sure I love travel, it’s my passion and what I live for, however if I could transform this passion into a lifestyle that pays my bills why would I not jump at the opportunity to do so?

Well I did, and if you are like anybody who knows me I went HAM (hard as a motherfucker) at it and gave it my all. Seriously I was working 40hour+ weeks and spending all night on my blog trying to gain mass exposure.

Although what I didn’t realize was how hard it really is to get to the top in this whole travel blogging game that is a freaking world in itself man!

Sure every successful travel blogger says it’s EXTREMELY hard, and it takes years to see any progress and the chances of you earning a decent living out if it is very slim shady (slim because it’s hard, and shady because even if you work your ass off chances of you earning enough to pay for your travel is next to nothing, annnndd there are 1000’s of travel blogs being created each week. Oh so incase you didn’t realize you have some serious competition!).

But again, if you knew me that was just another challenge accepted. Bring it on, this is me, this is my life and so I did everything I could to get to the goal of helping as many travellers as I could whilst scrapping the bottom of the barrel to get paid enough for it to actually survive!


This very blog here is the essence of my work towards blogging (admittedly I let it slip through last year, 2015). And whilst it served me well, probably not for the amount of hard work I put into it, it still provides me with some (very little) side income.

Yes it’s true, because you are here on this very website you are aiding me in putting food on my plate. And if this is a shock to you, please note that just about every website out there today is a source of income stream for someone in some way.

Now for the good part, why did I quit travel blogging?

It wasn’t just because I wasn’t making enough to cover my expenses. But because I knew that I couldn’t chase this dream. Especially since I knew it wouldn’t cover my expenses even if I were to put a few more years into it. And so I came to the realization that whilst this was a vehicle that would help me to pay the bills it wouldn’t be a big enough vehicle to pay for my life.

And most importantly, if I really wanted to continue with my ultimate passion for unlimited world travel. I needed to find something that could do just that, cover the expenses.

Fortunately I always had a job to come back to and slog away at, and luckily that job was in Australia where my family and friends are. And on top of that luckily that job paid me well enough to save some coin.

So I sucked it up and stayed at home for a year, saved some money and hunted down a vehicle that could fuel my passion for travel and I did just that (this is another story for another time, should you wish to hear it just comment below).

Again thankfully travel blogging was the perfect base for what I needed to know. It was the very means to an end (kind of an end), which allowed me the type of education to drive the vehicle that I invested into and fortunately my progression started to blossom and turn into something magical.

I say magical because now after years of hard work I can reap the rewards and honestly fuel my passion for travel.

Unfortunately, and although I still love it. Travel blogging couldn’t fulfill my dreams in the way I wished it to, however I do owe A LOT to travel blogging.


It taught me to be tough, to stick it out, always have my head down and chase the dream. It also taught me to look for the road less traveled. And because of this, I realized that travel blogging was a road that had been travelled a hell of a lot, by many people in many countries with many stories, tips and advice just like I had.

I realized I was just apart of the heard, the travel blogging heard. No offence to travel bloggers, I love each and every one of you but it is a society within itself and it’s a beautiful society at that, with so much passion for not just travel but life!

No, I don’t particularly know where I am going with all this because it appears I may be rambling, but that is because this post is 100% raw un-edited content which my skinny little fingers punched out on the keyboard as quick as my brain could come up with some sort of explanation on how and why my life really changed.

So, without babbling on too much I wanted to shed some light on my blog since it has been dormant for so long. I wanted to keep all you awesome peeps in the loop of what has happened to not just me but also the blog!

And whilst I have changed, I am still an avid traveller and love it through and through. Which means yes I am going to get back on the travel writers horse and start sharing some killer content.

But I can’t promise you it will all simply be informative. For most part it will be stories, philosophies, some drama (probably a lot of that) and defiantly something to laugh at.
Although, most importantly I am not blogging because I need to eat, I am instead blogging because I love to. It’s a passion not an Income and when we do things with passion nothing else matters.

So besides on why I quit travel blogging. If you didn’t learn anything from this post about life, roads less traveled, chasing dreams and accepting change in your life. Please have at least one take away, which is to be passionate about what you do!

Oh and travel.

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