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Desert dive safari Red Sea

”Alright mate let’s do this!” I mumble, shaking my brother to and fro from his slumber

Cave men still exist; I met some in the rose red city of Petra

tired Petra donkey ”Hey you go Taba?” a Egyptian man questioned me, whilst I was sat

Sand land and the awe striking Pyramids Of Giza

The cab ride was torturous, as my headache thumped, with dehydration the cause. Finally arriving to

A terrorist arrives in Luxor

Morning view from Oasis Hotel   With the strength of an Ox and the determination of

Buckets of booze at the Full Moon Party – Thailand

Koh Samui Partying at its ultimate, tens of thousands of people dancing, fueled by alcohol and

Ping pong shows and elephant rides – Phuket

These elephants are with their trainers from birth 8 months of saving my ass off back

Free diving session

Free diving is one of my hobbies, being here in Dahab I am constantly practicing. A

Travel Insurance, pfft…who needs it, you do!

28,000 Euro for falling down the stairs, that’s a bit much. As of 11/02/13 that’s how

From Dive master to Luxor

I guide my brother along the Light House dive site, Dahab Presenting another universe to someone,

I became a Dive master in Dahab

You always have to start somewhere and here is where it’s going to be, Dahab Egypt.