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The ONLY 5 things you need in your bag to travel

Carting your life around in a backpack can be quite a burden, especially if you have

Bugger Society, Travel!

How many times do we get to live? Stupid question right, we all know the answer

The day I became a shark attack victim

Being a keen surfer, dive master & free diver I spend a lot of time in

4 incredibly inspirational travel quotes with photography

Picture: Lower Snow Pines Road, Big White, BC, Canada Picture: Split, Croatia Picture: Well I am

How to choose where to travel

Choosing where to travel, oh how daunting and sometimes difficult it may be. But you can

Inspirational photography & quotes for travel

Picture: In a slum of northern India, playing with the children Picture: On a road trip

How I can travel the world for so long

Being home for a few weeks I got to catch up with many of my mates,

Dubai – littered with Prostitutes, Booze, huge buildings and even bigger malls

Burj Khalifa It’s all false! It’s not hard at all (as they say) to find alcohol

I nearly killed my dad up Mt Sinai, Egypt

I resided In the South Sinai, a beautiful part of Egypt where there is an abundance

Swedish Midsummer Party in IOS, Greek Islands

Oh how I just love planes, NOT! During our flight from Bangkok to Athens there was