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Hong Kong photography – through the lens edition

Again when it comes to cities, well there is no denying that they just aren’t my

Beijing China in photos – through the lens edition

The best of Beijing China in photographs is one of my favourite ‘through the lens editions‘

How to use Facebook in China for travellers

Oh what! No Facebook in China, that’s fine I don’t need to go there anyways. TRICK!

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“What, you can’t be serious . . . surely there is a bus that goes to

Great Wall of China & how I escaped Asian prison

It was terrifying sitting in that small smoked out room under a cloud of thick cigar

Beijing, what to see where the entertainment never stops

I was a little overwhelmed by it all when first arriving to my hostel in Beijing

23 WTF facts about China

Their are many ways to describe China. Big, rich, poor, next to control the world, hot,

Bungee jumping from 233m, the worlds highest – Video

It was Good Friday (Easter), however this was probably the greatest Friday ever. Launching myself off