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Swimming with whale sharks should be on your list!

If swimming with the whale sharks doesn’t sounds like fun to you, then obviously you wouldn’t

Want amazing diving, don’t go here

I knew Borneo had some pretty amazing diving off the south eastern coast at Sipadan, although

Cave diving amongst the dead in Tulum, Mexico

These Cenotes were treated as dumping grounds for weapons, tools, jewelry even heads and full human

Diving with the biggest shark in the deepest hole

The Great Blue Hole is known to be one of the world’s top ten dive sites,

Patting Crocodiles, diving the Red Sea, Egypt

Inside the SS Thistlegorm  At 3.15am we (the tourist group and I) squashed ourselves into another

Desert dive safari Red Sea

”Alright mate let’s do this!” I mumble, shaking my brother to and fro from his slumber

Free diving session

Free diving is one of my hobbies, being here in Dahab I am constantly practicing. A

From Dive master to Luxor

I guide my brother along the Light House dive site, Dahab Presenting another universe to someone,