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Star gazing in Egypt up at the Astrological storm of 2012

Not sure if you remember but back in 2012 on December 12, the three stars of

Why travel to Egypt before it’s too late

Most people travel to Egypt to see the awe-inspiring pyramids of Giza. Now, I am not

Cairo through the lens

Whilst living in Egypt (5 months through 2012-2013) I traveled up to Cairo twice, one to

I nearly killed my dad up Mt Sinai, Egypt

I resided In the South Sinai, a beautiful part of Egypt where there is an abundance

The most amazing Egypt tours

White Canyon Millions of years ago the Sinai Peninsula was below the Red Sea in Egypt

Desert dive safari Red Sea

”Alright mate let’s do this!” I mumble, shaking my brother to and fro from his slumber

Sand land and the awe striking Pyramids Of Giza

The cab ride was torturous, as my headache thumped, with dehydration the cause. Finally arriving to

A terrorist arrives in Luxor

Morning view from Oasis Hotel   With the strength of an Ox and the determination of

Free diving session

Free diving is one of my hobbies, being here in Dahab I am constantly practicing. A

From Dive master to Luxor

I guide my brother along the Light House dive site, Dahab Presenting another universe to someone,