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10 Incredible budget backpacking destinations you never heard of

There are a handful of budget backpacking destinations you could choose from to satisfy that annual

India is mental but, I love it

Taj Mahal sunrise Whenever I talk to people about travel, India often comes up as somewhere

Try not to get played, in New Delhi, India

New Delhi, wow, what can I say it is extremely busy, not as crazy and condensed

The amazing Golden Temple in Amritsar, India

After staying in Pushkar, the most chillaxed place in India, we headed north to see the

The bizarre people you meet along the way

Everywhere in the world of course you run into funny, bizarre, weird, different and odd people.

One of India’s oldest cities, Pushkar India

Brightly colored homes are the norm This is not like India. It sure looks and smells

What you would never expect in Jaipur, India

A guru cruising the busy streets Setting our alarm early and pre booking a tuk-tuk the

World wonder Taj Mahal in Agra, India. Do it!

What’s better than the Taj Mahal? Sneaking around the back of it right by the river

The holy city of Varanasi India

A guru (master/teacher) hanging in the street India, wow! What a place. My very first stop

A corpse passed by my face, the culture shock of a lifetime!

Graffiti by the river banks My very first day in India and I decided to stay