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Why travel to Egypt before it’s too late

Most people travel to Egypt to see the awe-inspiring pyramids of Giza. Now, I am not

Dubai – littered with Prostitutes, Booze, huge buildings and even bigger malls

Burj Khalifa It’s all false! It’s not hard at all (as they say) to find alcohol

Cairo through the lens

Whilst living in Egypt (5 months through 2012-2013) I traveled up to Cairo twice, one to

I nearly killed my dad up Mt Sinai, Egypt

I resided In the South Sinai, a beautiful part of Egypt where there is an abundance

The most amazing Egypt tours

White Canyon Millions of years ago the Sinai Peninsula was below the Red Sea in Egypt

Patting Crocodiles, diving the Red Sea, Egypt

Inside the SS Thistlegorm  At 3.15am we (the tourist group and I) squashed ourselves into another

Tiredsome Petra Donkeys

Whilst spending some time in the rose red city, half as old as time. These donkeys

Desert dive safari Red Sea

”Alright mate let’s do this!” I mumble, shaking my brother to and fro from his slumber

Cave men still exist; I met some in the rose red city of Petra

tired Petra donkey ”Hey you go Taba?” a Egyptian man questioned me, whilst I was sat

Sand land and the awe striking Pyramids Of Giza

The cab ride was torturous, as my headache thumped, with dehydration the cause. Finally arriving to