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5 life changing benefits of hiking

As a kid I used to think going for a walk in the bush was the

Backpacking the Philippines on a budget

Backpacking the Philippines on a budget Backpacking the Philippines has to be cheap right . .

The perfect travel route & how to organise it

It’s not always easy planning the perfect travel route. You know you want to go away

How to determine if you’re a traveller or a tourist

Calling a traveller a tourist is like swearing at them and although the traveller is rarely

What will happen if you never travel?

Dear Mr/Mrs Never travel My name is Jaryd and I am your wake up call to

The ups & downs of travel in the Philippines

Travel in the Philippines is very similar to basically all of Asia; however that doesn’t mean

Travel sex stories & why they mean nothing

I have always kept the travel sex stories to myself (and a very select few friends)

Bohol Island adventures you MUST do in the Philippines

If you have never heard of the Beautiful Bohol Island in the Philippines, get your bucket list

Why finding yourself travelling will never work

Most people travel to find themselves, to become happy and seek a way to live a

Traveling to cities are boring, or am I boring?

Cities are pretty boring, I mean lets be honest here. Yea sure you can have a