Often it can be hard to find a great variety of travel advice and travel blogs. So right here is a whole collection of the best travel blogs online today. So look no further as here you can get, charm, humour and wit all mixed in with the greatest travel tips and resources available all for free. Feast your eyes here on the top 50 travel blogs.

travel blogs

  1. Nomadic Matt

    Matt Knepes is at the pinnacle of the travel blogosphere and has been for some time. He is the guru and provides great tips and advice for traveling anywhere on a budget.

  2. Everything Everywhere

    The founder of Everything Everywhere Gary Arndt was one of the first ever travel bloggers around. He is very into his photography and his site has been above majority of travel blogs for a long, long time.

  3. The Planet D

    With the motto ‘Adventure is for everyone’ Dave and Deb travel the world to prove you don’t need to be an athlete, adrenaline junkie or uber rich to be an adventure.

  4. Nomadic Samuel

    Samuel has been travelling for over 6 years now and is not a standard ‘quit my job to travel the world type’. He is a jack of all trades and has experienced many different things and just can’t stand being in one place for an extended period of time.

  5. Wandering Earl

    Earl, really being his middle name, left his home country of USA in 1991 for a trip to Southeast Asia and has never looked back. He doesn’t particularly travel just for the sights but more for the human interactions he encounters with people along the way, which he expresses through his tales on his blog.

  6. Legal Nomads

    Ex lawyer Jodi saved up over her 5 years in the industry and took off on her travels. Initially starting to blog to share her stories with friends and family she started to make her blog work and continues to eat, photograph and travel around the world

  7. The Everywhereist

    This blog all started when Geraldine was laid off and decided to chase her husband around the world. Its more of a love letter from a former copywriter to her hubby, however it is useful with informative guides and advice.

  8. Y Travel Blog

    This is one of my favourite blogs as Caz and Craig are such inspiring people who trace the globe with their two daughters. They have been travellers for a long time and know the ins and outs of all things travel. So definitely hit them up for tips, advice, inspiration and some great reads.

  9. Go Backpacking

    As your online guide to independent travel David Lee created this blog where there are other professional bloggers who regularly post along with guest posts from other bloggers on the odd occasion. A very resourceful site for the solo traveller.

  10. Travel Dudes

    This is a blog from a various amount of travellers where you can find incredible advice for just about any location in the world along with stories, tours and accommodation types. This is a great resource to check when in need of quality tips before you go somewhere you know nothing about

  11. Adventurous Kate

    Kate is one of the most popular female travel bloggers online where shares her crazy, clumsy and humours stories as a solo female traveler that suck you right in and take you along for the ride. She too also knows her stuff and sheds some light on solo travel with an array of tips.

  12. Twenty Something Travel

    Stephanie left her beloved country in 2010 to start a career in freehand travel writing and has ended up here on this list for her awesome efforts. She provided you with a solid amount of tips on just about every continent.

  13. Uncornered Market

    Dan and Audrey travel the globe together using their blog to be story tellers along with sharing their photography, videos and great travel tips and advice. Being quite experienced since leaving home in 2006 their blog is a great resource that you shouldn’t look past.

  14. The Expert Vagabond

    The Expert Vagabond by Mathew the travel addict is quite entertaining. He shares some awesome travel tales along with great travel advice. Mathew’s goal through his blog is to inspire people to travel through his own adventures.

  15. Wandering Trader

    Marcello has been searching all his life for freedom and ever since 2009 he has found just that. With his blog Wandering Trader he has visited all 7 continents whilst day trading on the stock market. He is now finically free, location free and time free. Check out his blog on how to day trade and travel the world.

  16. Land Lopers

    The blog run by one of the most successful travel bloggers there is. Michael Tieso is not your average backpacker and has a partner, mortgage and even pets, although that never gets in his passion to travel. On his blog he strives to provide the best information on how to experience what out world has to offer.

  17. Solo Traveler

    The founder of Solo Traveler Janice started her blog after some personal loss and started to travel solo and love it. She now shares her stories tips and advice on the blog. There is another contributor, Tracey who is passionate about food and wine. She shares here experiences as she travels for different tastes of the world. This is a very inspiring blog for any solo traveler.

  18. Almost Fearless

    With a child and husband, Christine the author of Almost Fearless is a passionate photographer who travels to different corners in the world to sometimes live and sometimes visit. She shares her travel tales, views on life, photography and videography on her wonderful blog.

  19. Amateur Traveler

    This is not your typical blog. This site created by Chris Christensen as place where he shares podcasts about different destinations around the world. He also shares travel tips and advice along with a few travel tales from people who have been inspired by his blog. Definitely worth checking his site out for its a different way to learn about travel apposed to a standard blog.

  20. Fox Nomad

    Anil Polat – The Fox Nomad is on a goal to visit every country on the planet and whilst he travels he shares his stories along with brilliant ways to travel hack and teaches you to travel smarter.

  21. Wild Junket

    This is an awesome blog dedicated to fun adventures and inspiring people to  break free of their ordinary lives. Written by Nellie and Alberto, they are an awesome couple who have been travelling since 2003 and have witnessed their fair share of exciting adventures, be sure to check them out, it is one great blog.

  22. Wandering Educators

    This blog is a wonderful community of passionate travellers who show their love for it through teaching others from this site about what it is to travel, why travel and what you can learn from it. This group of people all share their specific opinion on certain topics, also an very interesting read.

  23. The Vacation Gals

    This blog is about 3 female professional travel writers who share their favourite destinations, girlfriend getaways and their romantic escapes with their readers, they also dish out gear advice and travel tips for mostly female and family travellers for they are all about travelling with their family to get away from their busy lives.

  24. Travels Of Adam

    Adam is a hipster blogger and graphic designer who quit his book designer job in 2010 for an around the world trip.  He spends hardly any money as he travels and can show you how to do the same. Great blog to read as its insightful and inspirational.

  25. Bacon is Magic

    Ayngelina travels for the food, she had always wanted to travel since she had gotten a taste for it in her earlier years. Not wanting to miss out on what she knew she had to do (travel), she left her home town along with her boyfriend to travel solo through Latin America. She has lots of great tales and everything you need to know about food and travel.

  26. Hecktic Travels

    Dalen and Peter sold everything they had to set out on an adventure travelling the world. They were fed up and realised that settling down was not for them. Here they share their travel stories and the opinions on travel, a good read for all.

  27. That Backpacker

    Audrey grew up travelling but decided to take it full time when she was 18 and ever since then she has shared her view on the world through her awesome travel blog. She also runs a great YouTube channel with Nomdic Samuel where they document their travels together.

  28. A little Adrift

    Shannon has been travelling since 2008 where she uses her travel blog to encourage others to travel too. On her blog she focuses on slow local level travel, connecting with cultures, sharing great resources and creating a travel community to inspire others to also start adventuring around the world.

  29. Migrationology

    This is a food travel blog by Mark Wiens who believes no matter where you are from or are in the world, food is of the utmost importance. Here his goal is to show you the great flavours of the world along with breaking outside your comfort zone to experience it for yourself.

  30. A Dangerous Business

    Anna is a journalist who is not like most ordinary travel bloggers who are on long term trips trekking around the world. She has a normal life but spends a lot of her time travelling t0o. Here she shares her stories and shows you how you can live the travel life she does without throwing it all away.

  31. The Professional Hobo 

    Nora Dunn in 2006 gave it all up, selling her financial planning practice and becoming the Professional Hobo. Since then she has conquered many countries, many adventures and sharing those along with her tips and advice through her blog. She has written a few books, one of which teaches travellers how to get free accommodation, definitely worth a look at.

  32. Camels & Chocolate

    Kristin is a professional writer and journalist who’s interviewed a handful of famous actors and now travels the world either on work or in her desires to see as much as possible. She has now been to over 80 countries and counting, cool blog to keep up with.

  33. My Itchy Travel Feet

    Donna the writer and her husband Alan the photographer are an inspiration to all baby boomers travelling around the world and teaching people, what to see, why and how its all done. They believe there is much more to a baby boomer than just their age, check out how awesome these two are at inspiring people to travel.

  34. Otts World

    Sherry once a corporate cube dweller became a world wanderer after she realised her life would be much better bring us unique travel photography from all her adventurous travel tales.

  35. Ordinary Traveler

    Another couple Christy and Scott have been on the road since 2006 in search for waves (surfing) and stunning places to photograph. Christy now a pro photographer and blogger shares her tales and Scott makes the cut every so often when he gets the chance to go gallivanting as well.

  36. Art of Adventuring

    Michael Tieso is the founder of Art of Adventuring, which was formally called Art of Backpacking. Through the site Michael and a collaboration of writers dedicate their time to sharing their travel experiences, to inspire and motivate others to travel on whatever budget they have.

  37. Green Global Travel

    This site is was created by Brett Love and Mary Gabbet, these two have built a well renowned website/magazine dedicated to eco tourism /wildlife conservation and cultural preservation site where they write about worrying issues and help educate of on important matters of the world and its environment.

  38. Never Ending Voyage

    Starting off in web design, Simon and Erin started gallivanting around the world having fun until they started their blog where more funds kicked in. They now travel around the world slowly getting to know cultures whilst searching for great vegetarian food.

  39. Runaway Juno

    Juno from Korea packed it all in to venture out for her dream life to travel the world. She is now a full time traveler and blogger and despite how tough it is she loves every second of it. Here you will find her tales of inspiration and adventure.

  40. Travel O Cafe

    Laura and Cipri from Travel O Cafe see travel as food for the soul. They have been in the travel industry for a long time and decided to start their blog in 201o which became a hit winning many awards. So far they have visited 30 countries and look to see plenty more.

  41. Go See Write

    In 2008 Michael the creator of Go See Write set out on an adventure to travel the globe without catching a single plane. He made it back home with 44 countries under his belt and has now relocated to Columbia to write about his experiences.

  42. Beers and Beans

    Beth and Randy from Beers and Beans love to travel and their goal is to help and inspire others to travel now matter how great or tiny your adventure may be. The to love to stop by and volunteer as the trek around the world, Check them out they are quite cool!

  43. Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel

    Barbara was not happy with the life she was living and decided to change that. She now travels to each place staying at least a month in each to immerse herself in the culture. Here on her blog she shares her experiences of what she does, the people she meets and the lessons she has learned.

  44. As we Travel

    This is an awesome blog dedicated to all things travel. The reason I like it is because their goals is to motivate and inspire people to travel and see what incredible things are out there in the world. They have been a top blog for a while and I can’t see them getting knocked for years to come.

  45. Around the World in 80 Jobs

    A different type of travel blog Turner moves around the world working in different countries. He is done with the normal life and is constantly on an adventure. He is inspiring for the fact that he shows everyone how possible it is to travel abroad and get work.

  46. Inside the Travel Lab

    Used to be doctor now travel enthusiast and write (her dream job) she makes her way around the world telling her tales, explaining her views on life.

  47. Delicious Baby

    A mum of 3 kids travels with them all and gives her perspective on it unlike most main stream media parents. Debbie the mum has worked her way up the ladder in travel blogging and has come out with a few awards. As a mum of 3 whom which she travels with, how could you not be inspired. Now what excuses do you have for why you can’t travel huh?

  48. Family on Bikes

    From a family that rode 17,000 miles from Alaska to Argentina, through their blog you will learn a lot of wisdom and inspiration.

  49. Johnny Vagabond

    This guy knew he wouldn’t be happy unless he started to “get out there” and see the world. His motto is to travel low and slow, meaning using ground transport as much as possible as he believes its the best way to travel. With a lot of great stories Wes’s blog is worth a look.

  50. 2 Backpackers

    Two travellers Jason and Aracely who became a couple travel the world together sharing photographs, tales, tips and advice.