We all know there are an abundance of websites on the net to research about travel. While a lot are helpful, most of these sites are very un-useful travel resources, sending you to various different pages causing you to start all over again in frustration.  These websites being the most useful and highly ranked are what I trust and use to book all my cheap flights, accommodation and research  locations.


Skyscanner – Out of all Skyscanner is my favourite flight search engine. They find the cheapest flights from the cheaper airlines all the way to the high roller airlines. They have certainly kept my bank account happy since I first started venturing abroad.travel resources

Kayak – Another great search engine. Kayak is quite comparative to Skyscanner however they regularly have cheap flights to, from and within the US. So worth scoping them out whilst researching for flights.

Expedia – One of the largest flight search engines on the net and they don’t disappoint with their NO BOOKING FEES. More often than not Expedia will have the right flight for the right price. They too have deals, where you can save big on flights.

Momondo – Before you get all frustrated by not finding decent flights, head to over Momondo where you too can score some affordable international flights.

Jetabroad – I check out this flight search engine when I just can’t find what I am looking for. They often seem to have the flights I am after for the right price. Although they can sometimes be a hit and miss, I factor them into the quest for cheap flights.

Cheapflights UK – Don’t just stop at the above 5 flight resources as you can never be to sure where to get the best deal. Which is why I have included Cheapflights UK as they provide trusted advice and the best selection of cheap flights along with other great travel deals too.


You can’t sleep on the street! Well, that’s up to you but I use one website that has been proven to provide the best deals for not just hostels but also for hotels, apartments, guest houses and even campsites all over the globe.

Hostelbookers – I use this site religiously for its cheap accommodation with NO BOOKING FEES. This site has one of the largest varieties of accommodation for campsites all the way up to 5 star hotels. Certainly my numbers one go to for accommodation.

Couch Surfing – This is such an awesome community, where you can stay for free pretty much anywhere in the world. I am a fellow couch surfer and love it. Its great for meeting locals and best of all its free, check out this article I wrote for more information.

Expedia – Having such a monopoly in the world wide web of travel, these guys can provide some incredible can’t miss deals. I don’t use them as regularly as I should. Although, they are worth scoping out for those amazing deals.

Airbnb – This directory of international apartments and condo’s will find you great accommodation much cheaper than hotels and especially for long term stays.


Even though you have spent a lot of time hunting down those cheap flights and getting you accommodations sorted. You don’t want to forget travel insurance and I am telling you now! I have had some sticky situations on my travels and travel insurance is a great assurance.

Travel Insurance – Guide
These guys are great because you don’t need to spend hours hunting down and comparing travel insurance companies (trust me I know what that’s like and it isn’t fun). They also provide extensive and easy to comprehend information on insurances and how different policies work. Check them out before you check in to go travelling.

Information about your destination 

travel resources

Heading somewhere but don’t know anything about it yet? These sites are my most commonly used providing the best information on pretty much any destination in the world. They have info on where to go, what to see, prices for food, tickets and accommodation.

LonelyPlanet > My favorite, especially the books as you can research whilst on the plane, bus or train


Google  or Yahoo  > two obvious ones, I Google everything as do a lot of people, so can you.

Car Rental

To be fair it is much more economical to catch public transport however when on a time frame, or you have a lot of luggage and the list could go on. Hiring a car is a wise move, which is why I have sussed out the best on the net guaranteed. RentalCars.com will get you the cheapest price anywhere in the world, so check them out here when it comes time for you to hunt down a reliable and cheap car rental company.

Travel Blogs

Travel blogs just like this one can be of great value and entertaining. Travel blogs can inspire you to go somewhere you would never have thought to go. They share tips, advice, info on how to get there, what to eat, prices and best of all, if you’re unsure about the place and seek more answers you can always ask questions in the comment boxes below each blog post.I can tell you now that every blogger (as I am one) is more than happy to help you, by sharing answers and information to make your travels more enjoyable, so don’t be shy and ask away.

To see the best travel blogs on the internet here is a list of the top 50 travel blogs.

How to travel with a medical condition
I am one of those Gluten Free guys, you know the ones with Coeliac Disease. So I understand what it is like traveling with a medical condition. Sometimes it can be tough for us and although I would love to be able to shed more light on how to travel with medical conditions other than mine, I am just not a guru in this field. So what I have done is left it up to the experts at InsuranceWith.com, who can inform you more on what you need to know before travelling with a medical condition. Check there great information out by clicking the link above.

I have currently visited 40+ countries and am more than happy to answer any of your questions (on my ask me page) about the following countries coloured on the below map. A world archive of where I have traveled is to come – Thank you for your patients

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