Why finding yourself travelling will never work

Most people travel to find themselves, to become happy and seek a way to live a

Philippine ferry travel, the good, bad & the ugly

It’s no mistake Philippine ferry travel is a must in the Philippines, especially if you want to travel

Whale shark swimming a must do in Philippines

Whale shark time! Yess Finally after 3 years I get my chance to swim with the

Traveling to cities are boring, or am I boring?

Cities are pretty boring, I mean lets be honest here. Yea sure you can have a

Hong Kong photography – through the lens edition

Again when it comes to cities, well there is no denying that they just aren’t my

Best travel Instagram photography of the month

This month was big on the travel Instagram front as Aus Globetrotter blew up! With 5000+

Beijing China in photos – through the lens edition

The best of Beijing China in photographs is one of my favourite ‘through the lens editions‘

How to use Facebook in China for travellers

Oh what! No Facebook in China, that’s fine I don’t need to go there anyways. TRICK!

How to survive on a budget in Hong Kong & have fun

Are you poor like me, do you need to travel on the cheap and eat out

Hong Kong highlights, what you must see & do!

The best guide for everything you need to see on your trip to Hong Kong. I

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